Friday, May 2, 2008

Bloomberg up a tree

From Gothamist:

The Post reports Mayor Bloomberg "happily" posed in a tree outside City Hall (he didn't climb - he got a ride from a cherry picker) and no "dive-bombing birds" were present. Naturally, there was a security guard was at the base of the tree. The only thing that's missing is a cute City Hall squirrel or rat!
O contrare, there already was a big City Hall rat in the tree. Just ask these women.


Anonymous said...

The rat is already in the tree.....
it's Mayor Bum-berg!

No self respecting Squirrel would get
within 10 feet of Midget Mike!

I hope forestry cuts that branch out from under him!

Anonymous said...

Is that Der Fuhrer out on a limb
for his fellow new Yorkers or
"treed" by mounting public criticism
of the lousy job he's doing ?

Anonymous said...

what a boner!

Anonymous said...

How pathetic that his buddies at Time magazine are giving him an award for protecting the enviornment when his hypocricy on the issue is so glaring.

This single man maintains five lavish homes around the world, that he shuttles between in a private jet.

I doubt there is anyone this side of Saudi Arabia who has a bigger carbon footprint.

How about giving the recognition to his fellow billionaire Warren Buffett who owns one modest home and drives his own car?

I guess they are recognizing how effective he has been in persuading the rest of us to ride bicycles to work.

Give me a break!