Friday, May 2, 2008

ATVs tearing up Highland Park

From the top of the stairs we noticed 4 ATVs riding in Upper Highland Park, near the parking lot. Charles called the local precinct as we watched the 4 vehicles doing wheelies and riding along Vermont Place.

ATVs still a problem

As they drove off, I turned towards the parking lot and noticed that an NYPD van had been parked in the lot the entire time.


Anonymous said...

How typical. The Parks Department doesn't care and the NYPD is having a party in the parking lot.

Anonymous said...

The blame lays on Debbie Kuha, Keith Green and Dorothy Lewandowski. They were informed that this was happening and chose to ignore it.

DrtBkr said...

Four-wheelers kick ass, but they have no place in NYC.

As an owner of an enduro, it is tempting to ride on the few pieces of dirt and grass left in the city, but common sense kicks in and I head north into upstate instead.

Anonymous said...

Not everyone can afford to go upstate, there should be a place where people can enjoy this kind of recreation here.

If our government was not so obsessed with developing every last piece of land for housing, maybe we could create some space for it.

I do agree though that that space should not be in Highland park and that the parks department has been totally derelict in allowing the park to be trashed by the erosion and other problems caused by this.