Thursday, May 8, 2008

Amen, brother!

The Angry NYer weighs in on the DOB:

I think the answer to what to do about the DOB is simple: Fold it into the NYPD. Give building inspectors badges and guns. Give them the right to arrest anyone violating a stop work order. When JAIL TIME is a possibility for developers and contractors that do not operate with the highest safety standards, maybe then these f*cking assholes will take their jobs more seriously.

Think about it - if you or I go unto a high rise and start dropping stuff on people below - we’re going to be arrested. If you ‘accidentally’ set it on fire and firement die or get hurt, you’re going to be f*cked. When this sort of thing happens though at a construction site, it’s not treated the same. End the double standard. These people violate the safety of citizens every day with their unsafe practices. They should be treated as the criminals they are.


Anonymous said...

Actually, violations of stop work orders are already enforceable by the NYPD. But since there's a shortage of officers, don't hold your breath. Someone also has to notify the NYPD that they have this responsibility, because they don't seem to know it yet.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, that great city council law that passed last year giving jail time for DOB violations. So much for that.

Anonymous said...

Actually (I believe) the enforcement of DOB
violations did fall under the jurisdiction of the NYPD prior to the investigations into that "illustrious" department were undertaken by the Knapp Commission.

Remember the film "Serpico"?

The cops turned out to be as crooked as a country road!

Bribe money poured into the precincts like a waterfall and everybody got their cut!

That's why DOB was given the
investigative and enforcement jurisdiction.

Ya can't win fer tryin" !!!

The DOB inspectors are just as shifty as those 1970s cops were!

Anonymous said...

Now enforcement IS ONCE AGAIN
also back in the hands of the cops
along with DOB's inspectors!


Unfortunately, a lot of officers don't know their guns from their dicks!

Anonymous said...

Construction Workers are not criminals you idiot.
You people keep talking about safety and protecting construction workers but if you ask the unions they will tell you to shut up and stop trying to take food out of my kids mouth.
Idiots all of you.

Anonymous said...

Are any of you union thugs members of Brian Mc Laughlin's Local #3?

I've seen a lot of you guys in action many times... busting up civic rallies at the boss' request!

You can all kiss my bum
you bunch of whimpering cry babies!

At least you get a big fat pension.

I don't in my 24/7/365 business!

Anonymous said...

construction workers
who are ILLEGALS are criminals!

And if your boss is a crook,
you are an accessory after the fact,
you meat head!

Anonymous said...

it sounds like some "tough Tony"
has got his panties in a bind.

See you at that "rough trade"
west Chelsea bar some time and we can throw a few beers down (ha, ha, ha)!

Anonymous said...

Face it assholes, the vast majority of constuction workers in this city are union memebers and there are NO illegal immigrants in any unions you idiots!

Anonymous said...

"Face it assholes, the vast majority of constuction workers in this city are union memebers"

I beg to differ. I haven't passed one construction site that isn't employing day laborers in some capacity.

Anonymous said...

Now don't rile up "Tough Tony".
He might pop one of his nipple rings!

Anonymous said...

"I beg to differ"

Do you have any idea what would happen to someone working on a union construction site who is not in a union? No, you dont because your an idiot like the rest of your buddies on this blog.

You cannot work on a union construction site unless you are a union member. That is why it is called a union.

Anonymous said...

Well, does anyone have any data on the proportion of local construction work that is unionized?

Clearly many of the the smaller-scale projects by local developers taking place all over Queens are not employing union workers.