Wednesday, April 16, 2008

How not to publish a newspaper, part 13 (website edition)

"Bill to force landlords clean up mold"

The Daily News has definitely been suffering from Sanchez Syndrome this week.

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Anonymous said...

That is because the media does not take Queens seriously.

Look at the caliber of reporting down in Manhattan or Brooklyn.

Now look at Queens. If its not lauding an immigrant, its stupid. Hell, the reporters don't even live here.

Anonymous said...

Considering how the typical Queens resident is a doormat when it comes to their officals, the news outlets don't want to waste their time.

Remember when you try to teach the pig how to sing, all you end up doing is annoying the pig.

S.K. said...

Even local Queens newspapers don't take Queens seriously!

A month ago, the Chronicle had ads for local freelance writers. I called them, and the editor asked me if I was an experienced writer. If I wasn't one, I wouldn't have called them!

I graduated college, wrote an article on Horse Brook, and designed a website... but apparently, that's not enough for the Chronicle.

If the NY Times acts elitist, it's expected, but I never expected such treatment from a local paper.

Anonymous said...

You could count the number of half decent Queens based journalists on one hand.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone notice how important this bill is? It's as important as the Lead Paint Bill. These are bills for you, not for developers or real estate.

But of course it's only your life expectensity.

Anonymous said...

I once called a local paper when I was in college, majoring in journalism, and looking for a part-time job. Already I was a better proofreader than whoever they had. And, well, already my skills were worth more than minimum wage so I found a job elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

And, Anonymous #1 is right--Queens is not taken seriously, by reporters or residents! They NEVER get the locations correct, let alone the facts.