Wednesday, April 16, 2008

DOB inspectors offered bribes


Seven city building inspectors have come forward over the last 11 months to report being offered bribes of $45 to $3,000 to overlook violations during routine property inspections, the Department of Investigation reported yesterday.

Nine people were arrested, including a building superintendent, two dry cleaners, three contractors, a Brooklyn restaurant owner and a Queens homeowner.

Authorities said David Lima, 38, superintendent of 69 W. 107th St., offered two bribes totaling $3,000 after he was caught doing unlicensed electrical work.

The owner and an employee of Alice's Dry Cleaners, 74 Second Ave., each allegedly gave $200 to an inspector who detected unacceptable carbon monoxide readings from the store's boiler.


Anonymous said...

In real estate they say it's ,
"location, location, location".

When it comes to the DOB it's,
"corruption, corruption, corruption"!

These are the few inspectors that were honest enough to come forward.

Think of the many who haven't!

Polygraph 'em all, I say!

ken said...

all of the DOB inspectors have probably been accepting bribes for years and are only coming forward now due to some short-lived crackdown currently taking place.

Anonymous said...


Why doens't someone write to the newspaper and their city council member to pass legislation to reform the DOB?

Better yet, CALL your local hack and share the pointless discussion about this issue with us.

We are all in the mood for some humor.

Taxpayer said...

If the police must undergo frequent and random "Integrity Tests", why not "inspectors" hired by DOB?

Why not ALL DOB employees?

Oh, yeah! Because the corruption starts at the top and trickles all the way down. The "Top" includes the Commissar and the Commissioner.

Can't cut off that money stream, eh, Comrades?