Thursday, March 6, 2008


Marina Farez, 37, was speechless in both English and Spanish.

A storm pushed over a tree at 107th Street and 37th Drive in Corona, Queens, early Wednesday morning, destroying two cars.

She put down her son, Brian, 3, whom she had been holding with both arms. She gasped. She blinked. She took out a small digital camera and took a photograph. She blinked again. She took another photo.

There, at 107th Street and 37th Drive in Corona, Queens, on the street where she had parked it Tuesday night, was the family car, a 1996 GMC Safari.

It had been smashed by a fallen tree the size of Godzilla’s leg.

That Was the Wind That Toppled the Tree That Flattened 2 Cars

And Gothamist has a collection of felled trees in other parts of Queens.


ken said...

the wind was really strong Wednesday morn. Wonder how many mph it was blowing? Had to be up there.

Anonymous said...

silver maples are very weak rooted trees and very weak structured in general. their roots grow near the surface, unlike most other trees that grow down and out. I had one in my backyard that used to shed branches every time there was the slightest wind. I removed it 5 years ago, and am still digging out the shallow roots that pop up every spring.