Sunday, March 2, 2008

SJU on-campus nightmare

Hey Queens Crap, I'm Dan over at (a Brooklyn blog), I've been following all of your St. John's stuff and now I'm a fan of your site. I'm not a student there but my girlfriend is and she is having nothing but bad experiences at SJU over this construction. She used to dorm but now shes lives in the Fresh Meadows and I now follow some Queens blogs to see what's going on in the area.

You well know about the SJU dorm construction which in my opinion has taken away hundreds of parking spots, forcing commuter students to park further into the local communities, but there is lots of construction going on all over the campus of St. John's and no one knows why.

Here are a few of the things happening around the campus:

You cannot enter safely enter though with out sinking through the grass/mud. There is no walking path, and if they do decided to make one, it's better off if they didn't make one.

There are piles of dust from their digging, which is blowing all over the campus, cars and nearby homes.

They are blocking multiple emergency exits of busy buildings all day long.

They have hired people, only wearing St. John's jackets, to direct the flow of students. They basically send people back and forth saying you can go this way. They constantly contradict each other.

The whole campus is buzzing about it, you could hear everyone talking about it. Including most staff.

They are driving heavy equipment all over the campus at peak times forcing people to walk elsewhere.

You can see by the pictures how disgusting and unsafe this all is.



Anonymous said...

Does this school have any respect for the community? Its like they're trying to build the own empire out there and don't give a damn about the consequenses.

georgetheatheist said...

St. John's is not a college, it is a country club. If I had a degree from this "school", I'd certainly keep it hidden in the drawer.

Anonymous said...

You are really stretching here. They are doing on-campus construction- nothing wrong with that.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing wrong with on campus construction although it sounds like they've made a giant mess and safety is a concern.

Anonymous said...

There should be a tuition moratorium
while this construction is in progress.....

Imagine shelling out $$$$$ to get a so-so education
while sitting in the epicenter of a building boom?

My powers of concentration were always good
but this is enough to break the train of thought
of an Albert Einstein!

Anonymous said...

George - why the bitterness? Were you not able to get accepted into St. John's when you got out of high school?

Anonymous said...

I am a graduate of this "school" and proud of my bachelor's degree. However, I am disappointed in the university's blatant disregard of the surrounding community. Queens has had enough overdeveloping. The 485-dorm on Henley Road is completely outrageous. St. John's should be respectful of it's neighbors!

ken said...

they've shown they have no respect for the community so it's not surprising to find they have none for their students either.

Anonymous said...

On the issue of front of the Carnesecca Arena there is deep excavation with no shoring. The soil is caving.

Are there building permits for the work? ...or for the use of heavy machinery?

There are certainly no permits posted in view of the construction.

Ray Beckerman said...

I'm a graduate of St. Johns's Law School. But I am very disappointed at the poor citizenship being shown by its administration.

Anonymous said...

How will this obvious sewer work affect the incidents of incredible flooding that Utopia Parkway and Fresh Meadows are experiencing?

Has a plumbing engineer self-certified these plans, too?

Anonymous said...

The 37,000 new SJU applicants should take a look at these pictures and read your blog before making their selection! They might be good school but damm they are awful to the students, staff and neighbors. I guess $$$$$$$$$$$is all that motivates them.

Jackie Marijou said...

St. John's greed is outrageous. There is no respect for it's community. I saw a picture of that old lady, Evelyn's (don't know her last name) who lives near that dorm they are trying to build on Henley road. To ruin the remaining years of her life. How disgraceful! And this is all from a faith based institution. How is their god? The Devil?

ken said...

The Devil? Hmmm.
Perhaps that's why they're digging up the campus, to tunnel down to their master!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have the best interest of the students in mind or is money all SJU cares about?

Anonymous said...

They had a very pretty campus about 15 years ago, that's about when Harrington arrived, since then they've done nothing but crap it up.

The new dorms on Union Turnpike belong in the crap architecture hall of fame.

Then they built those hideous parking platforms on the Utopia Parkway side, it's as thought they are sadistic and want to present themselves to the community in the least attractive way possible.

Anonymous said...

People are getting mad because St. John's is doing on-campus construction? I'm sure you must get angry when potholes and roads in our community are getting fixed and dust blows around. I have relatives that attend St. John's and the only thing they can complain about is the parking available. As far as they are concerned, at least they are seeing improvements to the campus and buildings with the money they're spending.