Friday, March 14, 2008

Residential parking permit plan unveiled

From Gowanus Lounge:

The city's press release said that residents would be able to "petition" for parking zones starting this fall. Community Boards would have to vote to approve a zone and it would have to be okayed by a District's Council Member and the Borough President.

So even if youu don't drive into Manhattan, you'll pay under congestion pricing. Another way to divide New Yorkers by class. Great job, Bloomie.


Anonymous said...

Each and every day I come to dislike this Mayor more and more. This whole congestion pricing plan is a direct snub on Queens, Brooklyn and the Bronx.

If it does go through (because Bloomie seems to always get what he wants), he will be hated by everyone everyday and remembered as the Mayor that brought it on.

Nice legacy Bloomberg.

I hope your money does not buy out our Councilmen's souls. I hope you enjoyed your dinner party trying to do just that.

Anonymous said...

Political corruption abounds from Albany's "Luv Guv"
down through the strata of more locally connected developer's pol/pals like Melinda Katz and
his Imperial Highness Mayor Mike.

This city needs to have
its bowels cleared of all its dirty political elements.

Taxpayer said...

At a meeting last night discussing this moronic tax fraud, someone much smarter than me asked: What if a person who paid the high price for street parking in his/her own neighborhood, traveled to another neighborhood that also implemented the "residential parking tax", would the visitor's car be ticketed for being "out of bounds"?

How is jackass Commissar Bloomberg any different from Spitter?

Anonymous said...

Most Queens residents are in favor of congestion pricing, according to the pols. In reality, it would affect suburbanites the most and help raise funds for mass transit, which would help Queens residents more. Maybe you should think about things first before automatically criticizing. Also, Bloomberg is enormously popular in this city, and may very well become the next governor.

Anonymous said...

"Most Queens residents are in favor of congestion pricing, according to the pols."

Who cares what the pols say? The polls say that most Queens residents oppose congestion pricing.

Anonymous said...

"Also, Bloomberg is enormously popular in this city, and may very well become the next governor."

I'd like to ship him to Albany right now!

Anonymous said...

I meant to say "polls", not "pols.".

Wayne said...

I don't know of a single honest "poll" that has shown the residents of Queens supporting Congestion Pricing. All the polls I've seen are by large majority against it.
And as far as "pols" go, most have by now backed their constituents and are against it as well.

If it does pass, you can be assured I will be pushing for permit parking in my nabe. We're already filled with commuter cars that race thru our streets that are inhabited by many young families with children. If CP gets passed, it'll be a nightmare for the residents here.

Anonymous said...

No....totally disagree with the blogger who says most Queens residents are for Congestion Pricing. Most Queens residents are oppossed to Congestion Pricing....don't know what polls you are talking about. The Mayor is losing popularity big time.

As far as Bloomberg becoming our next Govenor. It will never happen. Congestion Pricing and all its ramifications will have more voters rally against him than for him....I guarantee you that!