Sunday, March 16, 2008

Remembering Eliot's big bust

Posh is not the word that springs to mind to describe this corner of the city, tucked between Aqueduct Race Track and Kennedy Airport. Still, 116-02 Rockaway Boulevard has a certain claim to fame, in that it was one of the addresses linked to a prostitution ring broken in 2004 by the office of Eliot Spitzer, then the attorney general, an enterprise that Mr. Spitzer described at the time as “massive,” “sophisticated” and “lucrative.”

The Emperor’s Club of Rockaway Boulevard


Anonymous said...

One of the lessons to remember about Elliot Spitzer:

When it comes to politicians, they overcompensate. If a politician is an anti-prostitution crusader, chances are he loves to visit whores.

If a politician is extremely anti-gay, he's probably hanging out in men's rooms (hello, Senator Craig)!

Anonymous said...

I hope Eliot gets "the crabs".

Maybe he picked up some form of STD
and Silda "shut him down"....
so he had to continue getting serviced by whores!

Anonymous said...

"Remembering Eliot's big bust"

I thought the hookers had the big busts?