Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Pinky pleads guilty; faces no jail time

Red-faced and whispering, City Councilman Dennis Gallagher angrily pleaded guilty Monday to misdemeanor sex charges for assaulting a woman in his campaign office.

Councilman Dennis Gallagher pleads guilty to sex abuse

Statement by Dennis Gallagher in court Monday, after pleading guilty to 2 misdemeanor counts of forcible touching and sexual abuse:

“On Sunday, July 8, 2007, while I was intoxicated, I intentionally and forcibly touched intimate parts of the complainant and subjected her to sexual contact without her consent. My conduct was wrong and I apologize to the complainant. I intend to continue treatment for my alcohol abuse and also announce my resignation as a member of the New York City Council, effective close of business on Friday, April 18, 2008.”

From the NY Post: His lawyer, Benjamin Brafman, made a point in the court record that it was the first time in Queens history that rape charges had been reduced to a misdemeanor.

He's guilty of touching her while drunk, but not raping her while drunk? Guess his DNA got inside her by freak of nature. This was a sweetheart deal where justice was not served. Going to rehab and resigning a position you'll be thrown out of next year anyway is not punishment. The victim was ready to testify but was told she had no say in the plea deal. This just plain stinks. Shame on the Queens DA.


georgetheatheist said...

Why wait until April 18? He's got to do his taxes?

Anonymous said...

Peter Vallone, where are you? ASSSSSSSHHHHOOOOOLLLLEEE!

Anonymous said...

Yeah where's James Oddo, as well?

Anonymous said...

The guy admits to getting plastered and abusing a grandmother, but these 2 asswipes said the DA should drop the case. I think these 2 should be run out of town on a rail because they are embarrassments to public service, just like Pinky.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, George, I don't get it either. Resign immediately. Unless they want to give him more time to bring grannies back to the office.

Anonymous said...

Sung to the tune of that doo-wop 1950s classic "Charlie Brown" :

"D.A. Brown....(da, da, da, da).... D.A. Brown....
(da, da, da, da)....you're a clown......
just a clubhouse clown.

You're gonna get caught....just you wait and see....
when the federal authorities come a pickin' on thee"!

Whadda ya expect high justice ?
Little Richie B. stands just 5' 6" tall
in his "elevator shoes'!

Anonymous said...

D.A. Brown clearly threw the case!

I'm not at all surprised.
He was merely "following orders" to keep his job!

This just another one of the many verdicts
handed down by our two-tiered "justice" system.

The powerful get away with
a judge shaking his finger at them
("naughty, naughty") for a felonious assault
while a ghetto kid gets the book tossed at him
for a misdemeanor !

I hope I never wind up facing
a clubhouse stooge like D.A. like Brown!

Anonymous said...

I though that breaking and "entering" was a felony!

I hope the victim sues Pinky's ass off in a civil case!

How about Queens Crap promoting
a legal defense fund for the woman's legal fees ?

Every woman's rights group will surely join in
for the kill !

verdi said...

"Gee dad.....

you mean that when I grow up 18 years from now,
I could become a New York City councilman,
and go around all day.....lying, drinking, f----g .
cheating and stealing all over the place
and get punished with just a time-out?

On second thought I'd rather be a district attorney.
I won't have to face term limits " !

Taxpayer said...

A dog dumped on the grassy area by the curb today. When I looked at it, I realized it had Pinky's face on the top. A MIRACLE!! So near Easter!

When I looked the second time, I saw that the trail of shit spelled the name Richard Brown.

The smaller turds were shitting images of Rosenblatt, Fisher and Applebaum.

The stench from this pile was indescribably unbearable. So I didn't remain to take any photos. Just believe me. This happened and it was miraculous.

Anonymous said...

OK so Pinky resigns, who is next?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps, the victim made herself a deal.

Dear Perhaps said...

Perhaps you're an asshole.