Friday, March 14, 2008

Paterson opposes eminent domain

If David Paterson as governor displays the opposition to eminent domain that he showed as a state senator, several high-profile development projects in New York City could be derailed or delayed, including a Columbia University expansion, the Atlantic Yards project in Brooklyn, and the transformation of Willets Point in Queens.

Paterson Could Derail Development

As a state Senate leader, Mr. Paterson in 2005 held a rally with Council Member Letitia James and state Senator William Perkins on the steps of City Hall during which he called for a statewide moratorium on the use of eminent domain.

Mr. Paterson said a decision handed down by the Supreme Court in the Kelo v. City of New London case could lead to a "gold rush" of eminent domain use across the state, The New York Sun reported at the time. He said he would gather legislators and introduce legislation to impose a moratorium on its use.


Anonymous said...

Let action be our guide before I get all excited (opps).

Hopefully NYC congestion pricing goes on the backburner or goes away entirely.

ken said...

off to a great start. Then again so was Spitzer, at the outset.

Anonymous said...

Patterson will give his long time homonym, Frank Padavan, a chance for redemption, after Padavan was repeatedly jitled for a commissionership under Pataki and Giuliani. Padavan prides himself as a party-less independent, and has been under increasing threat from his traditional constituents because of his opposition to their dormitory and their feudal zoning casuistry. Given how he was ostensibly denied commissionerships in order to preserve the majority, he relishes this unique opportuntiy at payback.

Anonymous said...

Should this be true, way to go Paterson!

Anonymous said...

If Paterson can derail over development,
I'll hop on board his train!

Give ole grandma crook Shulman
a swift kick in her fat ass at Willets Point!