Wednesday, March 5, 2008

North Flushing Under Assault

Dear Editor (Queens Chronicle):

As you may be aware, Queens is under assault by builders looking to make their profit in a real estate market that has up until recently been unstoppable. The City Planning Commission headed by Amanda Burden and John Young in Queens rezoned several areas in Queens but have left certain communities wide open for these unscrupulous builders. One of these communities is north Flushing. Because much of northeast Queens has been rezoned, we are now the main target of every builder in the area.

City Planning was supposed to rezone our area two years ago! They are constantly making excuses and telling us that we are next on the list, all in the effort to stall us. In my view the failure to rezone this wonderful area was deliberate. The city wants all this overdevelopment to occur at any price. Never mind that the infrastructure can't support it and that Queens was not designed to be Manhattan where many people take mass transit. Parking problems now are the rule and we are experiencing congestion like never before. Queens also has flooding problems like never before which I believe is due to all of the overpaving of properties.

Imagine when a single-family home turns into a four-family home. Builders have now resorted to paving over the front yards for parking! Everyone has seen how unsightly this is.

What the residents of north Flushing and even the residents of other areas of Queens would like to know is why these communities? Why are honest taxpaying citizens' wishes being cast aside to accommodate these builders only out to make a buck? What is the real reason City Planning will not rezone our areas? I don't buy that they will get around to it. They are purposely stalling us.

Rose Forkan

Check this listing out for the house above:

R-5 Zoned Detached Frame Flushing Colonial 4 Br, 2 Baths, Lr, Fdr, Eik Features Full, Partially Finished Basement With Boiler & Storage, Hardwood Floors Throughout With 1 Car Detached Garage & Private Driveway All On A 40x90 Lot. Builder's Dream, Sold For Land Value Only, Great Potential To Build Up To 4500 Square Feet!


Joe In Mattituck said...

Yep all the way to Manhasset!
The old lady died behind my mom’s house. It’s an Old Dutch with the fan window, collums, separate garage and maid’s quarters. (The original Grinsted Combes Farmhouse on Manhasset Ave)

These 2 Asian woman showed and didn’t even go through the house.
They photos and a tape measured the property making hand gestures as if they were imagining where to fit 3 POS Fedders specials.

Anonymous said...

Great letter! But it's going to take more than letters to stop the overdevelopment of Queens. Maybe people will have to lay down in front of bulldozers!

Anonymous said...

I'll bet the house pictured
is located west of 155th Street or east of 170th Street or, definitely, south of Northern Blvd.

In other words on the wrong side of the tracks....
maybe even in John Liu country!
Avella covers the more privileged north side
of "the boulevard".

BECAUSE in nearby Broadway/Flushing
which encompasses 155th St. to 170th St. north
of Northern Boulevard....
from multi family unit construction
and have ALREADY received the necessary DOWNZONING.

They're located within a national register district and have applied for municipal landmark status.

Could that be because a couple of judges, the son
of our Queens county clerk (Gloria D'amico)
and other political powerhouses (maybe even more recently...Paul Vallone) LIVE THERE ?

H-m-m-m ! Think it over.

Is America a classless society?

Anonymous said...

Now here is an interesting exercise.

Take a look at the Queens weeklies. What do they find important to report? What do they say your elected officials think was important over the past week (you know, thinks like people jumping off buildings and the like)?

Now take a look at the issues raised on this blog - points debated and discussed by you, the public, the voters, the taxpayers supporting this farce.

Now lets do something - it your turn to have a little fun.

Why don't you write a letter to some of these weeklies - tell them the difference between what the emporer THINKS he is wearing, and the REALITY.

Send a copy to Crappie. Perhaps they will put it up.

Anonymous said...

4500 Square Feet sounds immense!

Anonymous said...

4500 square sounds just about right for a fedders special

We Light Up Queens said...

I don't think North Flushing is in danger as it is seldom to find Mcmansions and so on on that side of Northern Boulevard.

And to the above poster who wrote:

"Could that be because a couple of judges, the son
of our Queens county clerk (Gloria D'amico)
and other political powerhouses (maybe even more recently...Paul Vallone) LIVE THERE ?"

I both not only agree with you, but also have been to the above residents as well. This area may be too valuable to become like such south of the boulevard.

Panzer65 said...

The near occurring demolition of St. Saviour's Church, should be a wake up call to everyone that these greedy vultures must be stopped.