Monday, March 3, 2008

More proof that LPC is a joke

From the LPC designation report for Tifereth Israel:

the synagogue is a two-story wood-frame building that was originally clad with horizontal clapboard siding. The original wood stoop and railing have been replaced with a brick porch with an iron railing, and the wood clapboard siding has been covered with stucco. Despite these alterations, the Congregation Tifereth Israel remains a rare survivor as what is likely the oldest purpose-built synagogue in Queens and a striking representative of a regional vernacular style.

Good for Tifereth Israel. However, the official reason for St. Saviour's being rejected by LPC was because it has aluminum siding (which is more temporary than stucco...) The real reason is because the Bloomberg administration wants to shoehorn hundreds more people into a full block in Maspeth. Saving community landmarks in red-lined areas takes a back seat to the "million more people by 2030", after all. The Bloomberg Legacy in Queens will be one of neighborhood destruction via overdevelopment. Mark my words.


Anonymous said...

Let's invite the B'nai Brith out to Maspeth
and ask them to support
the preservation of St. Saviour's.

Make this Richard Upjohn original
also one of the "chosen" sites.

Anonymous said...

LPC, as well as all city agencies, receive their marching orders from hizdishonor, who had his cronies like Dr. Dan Jerkinoff redline some areas for growth and others not. If you see an area not receiving any landmaks, its because it was decided in the Dr. Dan Plan (also called PlanNYC 2030)

Since St. Saviour's is in district 30, which has a corrupt and fornicating councilman who doesn't advocate for the area, Dr. Dan and Mr. Mike are driving it over it with a steamroller (or perhaps more literally, a bulldozer).

-Joe said...

As to be expected when you have one big Jewish clubhouse from now the dumpster companys up to the Mayor.

It was much better when the Gambino's ran things. These Israelis now know they can get away with anything they want and thats the WRONG MESSAGE !!!

dave in milwaukee said...

"As to be expected when you have one big Jewish clubhouse from now the dumpster companys [sic] up to the Mayor."

Yes, all our problems will disappear once we get rid of those sneaky, thieving, money-grubbing Jews. Wow! What a creative, original sentiment.

Hey, Joe: Why don't you find a more appropriate forum for your ignorant hatemongering? I'm sure there's one out or two out there where you can wave your broad paintbrush and share your mindless rants with your fellow pea-brained assholes.

Christina Wilkinson said...

I know a very concerned Israeli named Yigal Gelb who works for NYC Audubon and is 100% supportive of saving St. Saviour's. It's not that these are Israelis. It's that these are dirtbags who happen to be Israeli.

As for the building, if it's not one excuse with LPC, it's another. When we showed them photos of the siding peeled back exposing the original board and batten structure and arched window frames underneath what is there now, we were accused of submitting fake photos.

Regardless of how much alteration these buildings have gone through, the landmarks law does not say anything about "historic fabric" or condition of the structures. That's something LPC invents as an excuse. The only limitations set forth in the actual law are that the building be at least 30 years old and represent something important. I would say that St. Saviour's qualifies in this case as does this building. The question is why the different treatment by the LPC? And that has to do with not standing in the way of overdevelopment (read the HPD press release that QC just linked to and you will understand.)

-Joe said...

I have heard of Yigal Gelb (on WNYC)---yes, the guy with the birds, getting along with nature. (I do listen to liberal radio)
Yigal is one of the good guys; it’s these new Israelis that have muscled there way into real estate, construction, moving and storage that are big part the problem.
They are every aggressive, underhanded and don’t give a dam about nothing but themselves.
I doubt some guy up in Milwaukee knows the misery of dealing with these fire ants that have popped up in the last 6-8 years. (I think you have to be nuts to live in Milwaukee in the first place but he has the right to his opinion)

However I never see or hear of any Rabbi's actually starting up a shit storm with Israeli’s its seems they work together no matter what and that’s my point.

These politicians are supposed to work for WE THE PEOPLE not some outside nationals from Haifa, Chongdong or the Moon for that matter.

Anonymous said...

Ms Wilkinson:
"It was torched by vandals in 1970, and is considerably altered today." -CONSIDERABLY ALTERED- A direct quote from Forgotten-NY page. A website which you have worked for in the past. But, Im confident this post wont be posted just as the one I sent earlier wasnt. You censor the posts that dont fit it in with your agenda. Sort of like the nazis. Hmm.

Anonymous said...

"Regardless of how much alteration these buildings have gone through, the landmarks law does not say anything about "historic fabric" or condition of the structures."

Im sure they take everything into consideration, honey. Its the interior, exterior and historic value. The world is not as black and white for them as it is for you. The building certainly has the history. However, its totally lacking as a structure. Every old building cant be landmarked. By the way, crapper, how could you let such an antisemitic comment be posted. Maybe a call to the anti defamation league is in order.
Youll probably censor that!

Anonymous said...

Your a pig. How could you make such a foolish comment?

Christina Wilkinson said...

"Im sure they take everything into consideration, honey. Its the interior, exterior and historic value. The world is not as black and white for them as it is for you. The building certainly has the history. However, its totally lacking as a structure."

First of all, don't call me honey, as you are not my boyfriend. Second, please educate yourself about how landmarking works because unless something is designated as an interior landmark, only the exterior is designated. A building can be designated on its history alone, and lack of architectural integrity has not prevented LPC from designating other buildings. In fact, there have been buildings rebuilt from scratch and designated by LPC. The Forgotten NY quote you referred to was not written by me and was taken from a book written in the 1970s by non-historians. We have an entire report written by Jablonski Building Conservation that dispels the myths put forth previously. The Upjohn design is present beneath the siding. We have photographic proof.

Anonymous said...

It's a nice cute (very altered) little building.

But here we go again.... LPC's double standard.....
or should we say "DOUBLE SET OF CRITERIA" ?

If the same standard (criteria)
that's currently being applied to St. Saviour's
(located in the "red-lined" belt of Maspeth)
were also being applied to Tifereth Israel.....
this synagogue would be in the dumpster !

Isn't part of Corona in the Stavisky's district ?

Julie said...

Not sure I understand the naysayers' comments. "Despite these alterations, the Congregation Tifereth Israel remains a rare survivor". Isn't this also true of St. Saviour's?

Anonymous said...

Once again, alterations are the excuse used when the LPC doesn't want to designate a building. Or to be fair, when they are told not to by the administration. With the Patrick Brennan-CAU-City Hall connection being blatant, you now have the answer as to why St. Saviour's was not designated. Evan Stavisky is a Dem leader and Harry Giannoulis is a TLC commissioner. Connect the dots already.

Anonymous said...

AND (don't forget)....
Harry & Evan both work for "PARKSIDE"....
FURTHERMORE.....Parkside works for practically every politician/developer in NYC !

Did we omit any other pertinent dots
that are needed to be connected
to complete this picture?

And you thought
that we live in a democratic republic!
Maybe a Soviet styledemocratic republic

Anonymous said...

The thing I don't understand is how the mainline preservation community simply does not share your outrage on this double standard between red and blue lined districts.

You have provided the community a ton of information - yet when you go to their websites what do you see?

A seminar centered around NYC2030?

What is wrong with this picture?

Why are they ignoring us?

dave in milwaukee said...

You are indeed a pathetic case. The more you write (or, more likely, the more you bribe some impressionable third-grader to write for you), the more you place your complete and utter ignorance on public display.

This "guy in Milwaukee" happens to have some very close personal ties to Queens, or he would not even have become interested in the subject matter of this board in the first place. So learn the facts before you spit out more stupidity and condemn whole groups of people you've never met. Or criticize places to which you've never even been.

As Christina pointed out, a dirtball is a dirtball because of the way he or she treats other people or interacts with a community, NOT because of his or her national origin, race, religion, etc.

Which means the acts of a few dirtballs who happen to be Israeli and/or Jewish (or Irish, or Italian, or African-American, or Asian, or Anglo, or whatever) does not reflect on a whole group. This is something that most reasonable people (which obviously excludes you) learned as small children.

And a dirtball is also someone who spews out hatred and ignorant, broad generalizations without bothering to learn the facts. Which means, sir, that you are most assuredly a dirtball.

georgetheatheist said...

Bill Driscoll for Mayor 2009.

georgetheatheist said...

(It's a joke. It's a joke.)

Anonymous said...

He might as well be. He's already calling the shots at City Hall.

joe said...

Your entitled to your opinion Dave.
Truth is most people I know (Americans) agree with me.
Most are just as fed up as I they are just afraid to tell comment without PC Bullshit.

Balkanization is coming, Have no doubt about it.

Anonymous said...

Dave, what would the pro-Israel readers say if Maspeth Development was Saudi owned? Hmmmmn?

Anonymous said...

Joe, most people in America would consider you ignorant and a racist.

dave in milwaukee said...

"Dave, what would the pro-Israel readers say if Maspeth Development was Saudi owned? Hmmmmn?"

Read my post and you'll find the answer to your question.

Anonymous said...


ONLY THE EXTERIOR of a religious building
can be landmarked.

landmarking the interior of any sanctuary.

That would constitute

Remember.....the U.S. constitution
demands that a separation of church & state
be maintained.

Someone who's posting here is extremely ignorant
with regards to the landmark designation process.

I suggest that they process their misinformation through their craniums before words are issued
from their extraordinarily big mouths!

Anonymous said...

It seems that any time
someone voices a legitimate iota of criticism
regarding Jewish issues,
some knee jerk out there pulls the old "NAZI" card
from his loaded deck.

Are not some Israelis treating their
neighboring Palestinian brothers , pretty much,
like Nazis ?