Thursday, March 20, 2008

Manhattan roof collapse

Roof collapses partially at vacant Manhattan building

NEW YORK - The roof of a vacant building in Manhattan has partially collapsed.

Firefighters say there are no reported injuries.

The city's Department of Buildings says the third-floor roof partially caved in Wednesday after the roof joints were removed without a permit.

City officials say the building is structurally sound and not in danger of collapsing.

But the buildings department has ordered a stop to all work at the building. It also has issued a violation to the building's owner.

Last month, the owner applied for a permit to demolish the building. But the buildings department hasn't issued one.


Anonymous said...

Is somebody keeping a running tab
on the number of DOB f--k ups for this year ?

When the mayor of a world class city such as NYC
considers the 13 DOB violations
that have been accrued by the developer
at the east side crane collapse site as SOP.....
we have a serious problem with our leadership!

Anonymous said...

During the 1970s when the economy of NYC
was teetering on the brink,
we only had to worry about the occasional
street mugger.

Now we have to worry about the more dangerous
shady "developers" whose buildings are
falling down all over our town!

Not for nothing.....
but I'd rather take my chances with the muggers!
(You can always "carry").

How do you arm yourself against an army
of powerful connected scofflaw builders?

Anonymous said...

Says new building inspector Helen Keller--everything is great!!! Now show me the money.