Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Lost City translates developer talk

Having listened to a good share of Utopian bullshit over the past few years, I've learned how to decrypt the real estate man and pro-developer pol's special brand of Pollyanna-ish doublespeak. Here, for your guidance, is a brief primer:

Statement: "Our design is meant to respect the historical and architectural context of the neighborhood."
Translation: "This building is not as big and ugly as we'd like it to be."

Much more here: The Language of Developers, and How to Understand It


-Joe said...

I think people like the Mayor, Bankers planned this whole debacle to squeeze the middle class in NYC out into oblivion. Without a middle class all these elite charactors will be able to stay in power forever as well as control people much more easily.

The the most outrageous lies has become incredibly easy. Both Clinton Nafta Caliglia and Bush lied to the American people repeatidly and what happenend? Nothing!

Americans better alert themselve to the food shortages coming to their local supermarkets real soon.
Why? Because this BS along with Oil prices is also destroying small agri-business as well.


Anonymous said...

We can expect the collapse of NYC and American capitalism within the next 30 years. I hope something good finally comes after all these crises.