Sunday, March 16, 2008

Is Hemmerdinger a slumlord?

Tenants and an ex-employee of a posh Central Park South building accuse MTA chairman H. Dale Hemmerdinger of being a slumlord and bad boss.

The wealthy real-estate developer - one of Eliot Spitzer's most important campaign contributors - was appointed last year by the disgraced governor to head the MTA.

But for the last few years, a small group of longtime tenants at 40 Central Park South say managers have waged a campaign of harassment to force them to leave their rent-controlled apartments. And the building's ex-concierge claims managers made her so afraid to leave her post to take a bathroom break that she soiled herself.



Anonymous said...

That ain't uncorrected camera flash in his eyes.
Those are the telltale red pupils of a vampire!

Somebody better call in Buffy the slayer
to dispose of this bloodsucking slumlord!

Maybe he sleeps during the day
in his earth box resting place at the Atlas mall.

That's not too far from all the MV cemeteries
where he collects his minions to assist him.

Anonymous said...

Now's the time to boot corrupt Spitzer cronies out of office - this guy is manipulating rerouting buses to his failing mall in order to boost traffic their at the expense of Queens neighorhoods.

If Patterson has any ethics - start here - it's obvious.

Taxpayer said...

Let's just end the questions and dump him.

He's guilty of association - with Spitzer.

He's got a busload of conflicts of interest. He's using the MTA to transport passengers to his family's property called Atlas Park.

We don't need any more arrogant rich aristocrats who use our tax paid resources for their own personal enrichment.

Dump this turd. Then flush him.

Anonymous said...

He should not be allowed to run anymore buses to his Mall. That is a blatent conflict of interest.
The whole idea of this mall was to attract those who would otherwise shop upscale stores on Long Island to do so in Queens.
Upscale Long Island doesn't reroute bus routes to get to their malls. They provide FREE PARKING!

Anonymous said...

I love how fucking rich people always have to have an initial before their first name. Too bad he's not F. Dale Hemmerdinger, cause that's everyone says.

I agree, time to flush.