Sunday, March 9, 2008

Huang on Broadway

The Huang project at 85-23 Broadway next to the Dutch Reformed Church is looking crappier than ever. How much higher will it go? Only Tommy knows.


Anonymous said...

I remember when the store was next to it - dated from the time of the Civil War and made a nice compostion with the church next door.

Too bad the urban nightmare of Elmhurst drove away anyone who could try to have it designated.

Too bad Elmhurst is red lined by the LPC.

About 15 years ago a friend led a walking tour through Elmhurst and pointed out a number of local landmarks. Sabini went along on the tour and when asked if he would support designations for a loosely defined district, was advised that LPC was not interested.

So this is what we get. This is what the powers that be think is acceptable for us.

Now the open question - how do we repay the compliment?

Anonymous said...

Another one of Tommy's fiasco's. He should have been finished with this project and the one in Bayside on 223rd Street a long time ago. Note the number of outstanding violations on this project.

Lawsuits have been filed against him on both projects.

Anonymous said...

Pray tell?

Where are they going to park all those cars? Is that not a big problem for the neighborhood?

Anonymous said...

Why does the DOB renew any permits with sooooooooooo many outstanding violations?

Anonymous said...

A vibrant community widely touted as American's tomorrow today, folks. Politicians just can't say enough nice things about the place - sorry the locals don't share in their delite!

Word of warning: Just don't order chinese when in the nabe.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't there a few stop work orders on that over the past few years?

Anonymous said...

We warned you all about
Huang spreading out into your neighborhoods
well over 20 years ago.

He started his show biz career at the RKO Keith's
and now he's hit Broadway!

He should have been stopped in Flushing
if Shulman & Co. were willing.... but they weren't.

They were attached to his gravy train!

Anonymous said...

There are always stop work orders
and numerous violations
on most, if not all, of Tommy Huang's projects!

Yet, like the "Energizer Bunny"
he keeps on going and going and going!

He must really have the goods
on a lot of city officials
for them not to have taken any real action
on barring this convicted felon
from building anything in NYC !

Anonymous said...

His construction permit is about to expire. No way should it be renewed.

Anonymous said...

Why does the DOB renew any permits with sooooooooooo many outstanding violations?

Agree - there should a halt to the project for even 1 violation - that would put a hurting on the borrowed money racking up interest and motivate a Developer to do a project without violations accumalating and getting a free ride.

Anonymous said...

Who in the community is organized to stop him?

Where is the community board?

Whatever happened to Newtown Civic?

Anonymous said...

Why does the DOB renew Huang's permits when there's so many outstanding violations, you ask?

DOB = Dirrty Obnoxious Bastards! (Phrased simply)

Anonymous said...

Huang always manages to buy off CBs.
He was actually a member of CB#7 in the 1980s!

Anonymous said...

Maybe the FBI or ICE should reopen
the "Golden Venture" human trafficking case
to see if Tommy & Co. were connected!

That Taiwanese crook
is certainly connected with someone in high places.

I'd suggest looking up Gary Ackerman's ass
just for starters!

Anonymous said...

These have got to be rental apartments.

Tommy Huang is permanently barred from building coops and condos in the State of New York
because of his felony conviction!

Now he should be prohibited from building
anything in NYC if Avella's introduced measure
to that effect gets passed (which probably won't
because Huang still owns some powerful people) !

Anonymous said...

Excerpts from Attorney General's website:

AG Spitzer announced today that a Queens developer and his wife will no longer be allowed to sell co-ops and condos in New York.

Thomas and Alice Huang and their corporation, Haw Di I Construction Management Corp., have consented to a judgment against them that permanently bars them from selling cooperative and condominium units or participating in the sale of such units in the future. The agreement also states that the defendants cannot publicly sell interests in real estate investments vehicles, timeshares and homeowners associations.

"For years Mr. Huang has been thumbing his nose at the people of Queens through his unlawful actions," said Spitzer. "Now with the results of both of these cases, this office is sending Mr. Huang and others like him a strong and clear message - If you break the law, if you pollute the environment, if you don't live up to your responsibilities - we will find you and prosecute you."


Anonymous said...

By the way, this was also part of the AG's Press Release on Huang.

New York Assemblyman Brian M. McLaughlin added:

"I would like to thank Attorney General Spitzer for the leadership and commitment to making Mr. Huang accountable for his actions. For too long Mr. Huang has preyed on our community without facing the consequences."

Anonymous said...

Yeah.....and how come Brian took so long
to move out of his headquarters in Huang's building?

Was the rent deal too good?

Puh-leeze....I hope they connect that crook
with that other family of crooks.....
the Staviskys!

If Mc Laughlin sings and links Tommy and Toby....
we could have a new chorus of the three tenors!