Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Further proof that LPC ignores Queens

It's not like we need further proof that LPC discriminates against Queens, but the timing of the announcement that LPC is going to survey our borough to find landmark-worthy sites came right before they designated 5 more buildings in Manhattan yesterday:

Landmarks Lollapalooza Part II

Webster Hall in Manhattan, 125 E. 11th St
Congregation Beth Hamedrash Hagadol Anshe, 242 E. 7th St.
Elizabeth Home for Girls, 307 E. 12th St.
11th Street Public Bath, 538 E. 11th St.
The Allerton 39th Street House in Murray Hill.

Oh, they also want to designate Chase Manhattan Plaza. How would the city survive if that building got altered?

Photo from Urbanite

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Anonymous said...

I've just received an e-mail (from CECPP)......
stating that on March 5th,
the Citizens Emergency Committee to Preserve Preservation (CECPP) filed a lawsuit
(I belive it was in State Supreme Court)
against the LPC to open up their landmarking process to the public.

They noted that chairman Tierney and/or staff
have been making decisions regarding
landmark worthiness of sites
without submitting them to the full commission.

This is in VIOLATION of the law!

They also want LPC to address the issue of
its mysterious "criteria"
which has never been codified or made public!

This is a start in putting the screws to the lazy LPC
who often acts at the behest of our arrogant and
aloof mayor. Both repeatedly ignore Queens.

I would suggest that EVERYONE
who had a request for evaluation (RFE) or complaint
before the LPC deluge them with FOIL requests
and put them in a frenzied tail spin!

The squeaky wheel gets oiled.

And ONE MOSQUITO, multiplied by many
in a room, can give LPC many a sleepless night!

We can force Mary Beth Betts and her staff of snobs to work hard for Queens in one way or another.

They can either survey and submit our worthy sites
or they can run around like headless chickens fulfilling our FOIL barrage!

The choice of how they will be serving Queens
will be left up to them.