Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Flushing luxury

Even Curbed is laughing at this:

A 14-acre, $1 billion mixed-use development with 1,100 luxury condominiums spread over six towers built on top of a mall, featuring amenities such as a putting green, tennis courts and a health club. In Flushing. Yeah.

Do You Flush?


We Light Up Queens said...

Never going to happen but would be truly epic if it did.

Anonymous said...

Built over a toxic reclaimed
federal "brown field"site,with striking views
of the picturesque Willets Point junk yards.....
you can inhale the fragrance of the Flushing Creek at low tide .....complete with floating effluent and mystery sludge originating from the area's many exotic restaurants.

This is a must for "savvy" foreign real estate investors who know nothing of Flushing's pitfalls and the current sub prime mortgage meltdown
that's overtaking adjacent Corona.

Be among the first to get stuck with a lemon.

That's how the ad should read!

Anonymous said...

Muss and Julia Harrison were tight.

Anonymous said...

"we light up queens" hit the nail on the head.

Anonymous said...

you can inhale the fragrance of the Flushing Creek at low tide .....

Anyone knows that the Flushing Creek for most of the year smells like Shanighai - certain buyers are likely to flock here to differenciate themselfs from the rest of of Flushing - they better try breathing the air in the summer-fall first.

Anonymous said...

Muss and Avella are tight.

Muss and Liu are tight.

Muss and Katz are tight.

Muss and countless other politicos are tight.

What's the point with FORMER Counilwoman Harrison?

Anonymous said...

A residents-only health club, tennis courts, and putting reen. This is why we no longer have real neighborhoods, because of exclusive condo towers and gated communities.

New York used ot be known for its inclusiveness, where even the poorest stiff could still park his car on Park Avenue... those days are also numbered.

The only way I would support this development is if it were truly open for all local residents ot use, at an affordable rate. Across the street from these condos are the BLand Houses. How would the project residents feel about being left out of this new development?

Anonymous said...

This is ridiculous! 400K to 2M for an aparment in Flushing, the third-world jewel of Queens. How about cleaning up this shithole and improving the existing infrastructure instead of creating more "luxury condos".

Anonymous said...

Because the former C.M. Harrison
got the zoning on College Point Blv'd.
changed from light industrial to commercial/residential....
via her "Coalition For A Planned Flushing" !

Muss then simply moved in for the kill
with federal clean up money to help
fund the project!

A really sweet !!!

designerfromqueens said...

"How about cleaning up this shithole and improving the existing infrastructure instead of creating more "luxury condos">>>> I couldn't agree more...and wait, aren't there "projects" right across the street from this site? Bad enough there's that ass smell coming from the creek...

Anonymous said...

It was City Planning (Dr. MacKintosh) who recomended the zoning changes west of College Point Boulevard. It was neither Harrison or the Coalition For A Planned Flushing that "changed" the zoning.

Muss acquired that property long before the zoning changes.

FACT: Only City Planning can make changes to the Zoning Resolution.

Anonymous said...

Never mind saw the previous post...

Anonymous said...

Muss moving "in for the kill" simply meant
that he was finishing the job on this property
he'd been warehousing for such a "fortuitous" opportunity to arise.

I DIDN'T SAY that he purchased it after
the zoning change.

And we don't need a civics lesson to know
that only the Department of City Planning
can legally institute such a zoning change.

But at WHO'S BEHEST was it done ?
C.M. Harrison & her coalition, of course
We were there) !

By naming Dr. (Betty) MacIntosh
(with that peculiar spelling of her last name)
you've just indicated who you,
in fact, might be.

We had your identity narrowed down to about 6.

Bookartist said...

How can anything possibly be close to both LaGuardia and JFK?

Anonymous said...

It's a parachute stop away
if you jump from a plane headed for either airport...."bookartist".

That's what their PR dept. must have had in mind.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Betty MacKintosh, with a "K".

Mr Angry said...

Too bad they didn't leave the warehouse there - it used to be used to store all that cheap knock off china town swag there. I scored a box of like 50 sunglasses from there for free when it was being demoed...

Anonymous said...

FROM City Planning's 1993 Downtown Flushing Plan:

"The 44-acre waterfront area bounded by King Street, College Point Boulevard, the Long Island Rail Road and the Flushing River should be rezoned from M3-1 to C4-2which would permit commercial and residential uses. The waterfront area would be subject to proposed waterfront zoning regulations (now before the City Council) which mandate public access and ensure that the scale of development is appropriate for the waterfront."

That proposal was first made by then Deputy Borough President Peter Magnani and Fred Gross, Claire Shulman's Director of Planning. It was made at one of the first meetings of the Downtown Flushing Advisory Committee set up by the Department of City Planning. Dr. Betty MacKintosh was in charge of the Downtown Flushing Advisory Committee which was started in the late 1980's.

Anonymous said...

There's only one term that can be applied here... CLASSIC QUEENS CRAP.

Anonymous said...

Wow. What a great drawing. But they forgot the pungent Flushing River. And the projects right across the street. And the 7 train emerging from the underground. And the lovely Roosevelt Avenue Bridge. All these attractions border this scenic location. I forgot! The low-end industrial sites on the south side! At least traffic isn't bad. Oh, wait. It is bad. Well, it's not bang-your-head-on-the-steering-wheel bad except during Met games. But that's only 81 days a year.

Just for giggles, how many of the early bird buyers do you think speak English?

Anonymous said...

Now that you've corrected me
for my deliberate mis-spelling
of Dr. (Betty) MacKintosh (to flush you out further)
that narrows the search for your identity
down to 4 !

Let's take a guess now....
might you be a member of the Holly Civic Ass'n?

I'm really enjoying this game! Are you?

Anonymous said...

The proof of the success of Julia's Flushing
is in the pudding....It stinks !

Anonymous said...

“Now that you've corrected me for my deliberate mis-spelling….” Really? Here, spell this MEGALOMANIAC.

Anonymous said...

Gotcha ....didn't I ?
Ya broke down and I got you to spit out the "M" word...
(no damn self control) !

But alas,
I'm beginning to get bored with "the game"
(yawn) bye, bye for now.

Catch you again,
next time the subject of "J" comes up

Connie R said...

All that money and you get to live over a Home Depot; adjacent to an elevated arterial highway; over a polluted creek and next to an elevated subway line. Oh, I forgot about the crippling traffic congestion in the area. A real healthy environment!

Anonymous said...

Hey.....didn't ya hear....they're gonna clean up
the Flushing River so's we can all swim in it .

All part of Bloomberg's envisioned plan "NYC 2030" ...
ha, ha, haaah !

Anonymous said...

I did hear about the Flushing River clean-up. About 5 years ago Toby Ann and Johnny Liu said they would swim in the Flushing River when the CSO tank was up and running. I hope they wear matching thongs when they dive in :-)