Monday, March 10, 2008

Drugs in our drinking water


(AP) Research studies have turned up minute amounts of more than 15 drugs or their byproducts in several pristine-looking rivers, a reservoir, and aqueducts feeding New York City's vast water system.

Though barely measurable, these pharmaceuticals are varied: drugs for aches, infections, seizures and high blood pressure; hormones for menopause; the active ingredient in a popular sedative; and caffeine.

The city's vast watershed, while mainly rural, stretches almost from Pennsylvania to Connecticut and encompasses lots of human activity. Human and veterinary medicines are excreted or discarded, and eventually enter source waters mostly through residential sewage or farm runoff.

While these waters are processed at wastewater treatment plants upstate, much of the pharmaceutical residue passes right through.

The city's Department of Environmental Protection said it has not tested its drinking water for pharmaceuticals.


Mugsy said...

F#$% !!

This is really bad for business!

Anonymous said...

my water just turned brown

ken said...

might as well be drinking out of the toliet like my dog.

Anonymous said...

Who needs health insurance? The meds are in the water. There's a little bit of everything: antidepresants, antihypertensives, antibiotics, anxiolytics, sedatives, and antibiotics.

Anonymous said...

I've always said it's the water .

Time to read Huxley's "Brave New World" again.

We're ingesting all that "soma"without knowing it!

So much for a safe water supply.
We have met the "terrorist" and he is us!

Anonymous said...

Now if we can just filter out the "Prozac"
we can resell it and make a fortune!

Maybe NYC put it there in the first place
to keep us oblivious to government shenanigans!

Anonymous said...

I can see a whole new legal defense brewing.....
"The water made me do it"!

Anonymous said...

I've been chlorinated, flouridized and somatized!

What concentration of LSD in NYC's H2O
do you suppose would cause us all to hallucinate?

Anonymous said...

What scares me is that I mix my son's formula with tap water because 1) of the floride and 2) it's supposed to be cleaner than spring water.

Unbelieveable. We're supposed to pay for contaminated water? We should file a class action lawsuit.

ken said...

to play it safe you might boil the water, then let it cool in the fridge before adding it to the formula. (But I wonder if boiling water effects the flouride in it?)

KG2V said...

To answer Anon's answer of "How much LSD it would take". If you assume a effective dose (wikipedia) of 20 micrograms (aka 20x10-6 grams) and the person drinking one cup of water, you need a dosage of 320 micrograms/gal

Now let's assume you wanted to dose JUST the Ashokan systen (2nd largest) - you need to does 122.98 billion gallons (let's call it 122 for a round number)

You would need a MERE 39 MILLION grams, or 43 TONS of LSD. Now, as the Maximum Gross weight of a tractor trailer (assume no density problems) is 40 tons, you need MORE than a full tractor trailer of LSD to put a psychoactive dose into that one reservoir. At which point, NYC could start drawing from 6 other systems (well, 5, as the Schoharie feeds via the Ashokan)

You'd probably have to wait about a year to flush out the reservoir.

BTW, when they said that the drugs were barely measureable, most were measured in parts per trillion. The summed it up this way - to get the equivilent of 1 ibuprofen tablet (200 mg) you would have to drink 1 million glasses of water.

It's something to worry about - slightly. As in, lets make sure this doesn't get worse

Watershed1 said...

Well, apart from traditional filtration methods maybe another view of healing the water can be taken.

If you have ever had Reiki. If you believe in radios but don't know how they really truly work. If you have ever experienced intuition before. If you believe water is far, far more than a clear liquid, then possibly you'll be open to the concept of 'energy'/ether healing water and then you.

Too much detail for this comment but if a radio antenna can attract a certain frequency we can't see, that carries infomation in it then surely we should be open to a device that attracts the good stuff, ether (chi, Prana) to the water source. Then, by virtue of the 'intelligence' of water, the waters current sick status is transformed to the resonance of the ether.

Weird? Maybe to many. Untrue? Not to this young duck.

I have one. A Vortex Energizer that is a stand alone device that is placed, preferably, at the mains. All water passing it will take on the resonance/energy of the attracted ether. Result. Water that tastes brilliant. Every test i do with friends comes back the same.

Maybe the world isn't ready for the implementation of this conept on a large scale but at least we can start at home. Maybe they'll start asking questions.