Monday, March 17, 2008

Contractor threatens St. Saviour's neighbor

A neighbor of St. Saviour's, Tom, was standing on the corner of 57th Road Friday when a man that probably was the owner of TC Inc. (why a 718 phone #?) rushed out of his van yelling at him.
"What the fuck is your problem? Fuck this piece of shit church, it's history; it will be gone and you can go fuck yourself! Why didn't you buy this property if this church was so important? Fuck this piece of crap and this neighborhood!" he screamed.
He went right into Tom's face threatening to kick his ass. Tom would have none of that and said something similar back to him and the TC guy called the police and said Tom threatened him.
In the photo of the hydrant you can see the TC man giving me the finger.
One more thing...The workers ripped the cross off the roof of the church in the back and threw it down into the mud.
- anonymous

Thank you Mayor Bloomberg, CAU, DOB, DEP and Councilman Dennis Gallagher for encouraging this type of behavior. If this is happening in Maspeth, it's sure to be happening throughout the city. Looks like we're just going to have to take matters into our own hands because the government isn't doing a damn thing to stop pigs like this from destroying our city. And to think they wanted the community to work out a compromise with the very people who are abusing them and making their lives a living hell. The very people who should be investigated and prosecuted.

P.S. It looks like Serf Maltese has given up the fight:

State Sen. Serphin Maltese (R-Glendale) said he had spoken with the developer, who told him that destruction of the property was imminent because the battle over the building had gone on so long.

"He's lost a tremendous amount of money on this and he felt since, this is the last minute, that there was nothing that could be done," Maltese said.

That's it? You're done? With an attitude like this, you're sure to be finished this fall, old boy.


Anonymous said...

TC Must stand for Total Crap. Who are these parasites anyway, I thought (in)Sano demolition was taking over the desecration?

Queens Crapper said...

TC is doing asbestos abatement.

Joe in Manhasset said...


Mail Boxes, Etc
Phone: 516-759-0000
Fax: 516-759-0153
5 Brewster Street
Glen Cove, NY 11542

Queens Crapper said...

Checked out the USDOT# and got this:
Legal Name: WTC CONTRACTING INC Phone: (718) 746-8054
Mailing Address: 147-17 15TH AVE
USDOT Number: 1606762

Queens Crapper said...

Can't find TC's incorporation listed with the Dept of State, either.

Anonymous said...

Crapper, haven't you tried to contact the DOI or FBI?

The politicians, mayor, & DOB ain't doing go a step higher. Will ya?

Anonymous said...

Serf sure fought hard for this. Total silence for two years, then makes a phonecall, accepts the developer's line of BS and then hangs up - probably thanked the guy for his time, too.

Thanks for sticking up for us, Serf.

Anonymous said...

These hoodlums with sledge hammers and dunpsters, are the New Mafia Scronge, supported by the city of NY with all its elected officals...yes? BigH.

Anonymous said...

This guy must be a total nut - if it weren't for people like the neighbors calling in complaints about the asbestos, he wouldn't be getting paid to work there. His looks are a perfect match for his intelligence.

Queens Crapper said...

DOI and FBI were already contacted, thanks.

Taxpayer said...

New Bumper Sticker:
A Vote For Maltese Is a Vote To Toss a Crucifix Into the Mud.

Vote for Baldao!

Anonymous said...

Whose the girl?

Anonymous said...

Serf sure fought hard for this. Total silence for two years, then makes a phonecall, accepts the developer's line of BS and then hangs up - probably thanked the guy for his time, too.

Thanks for sticking up for us, Serf.


This exemplifies the attitude of the machine to the people of Queens - and you know what?

As long as you guys just roll over a play dead, or they know the can divide and conquer with a little bit of ice cream money, they will never change.

Any time a community like Juniper Valley stands up, the machine knows they will be alone.

Go back to watching Gilligan Island's reruns, people.

Anonymous said...

When this building goes down, write the obit for the landmarks law.

Anonymous said...

this guy looks like a Sicilian mafioso
or a radical Arab right out of central casting!

Pistilli has some "operations" out there....
and I see the familiar Opedisano family's
"SANO" demo sign in the picture!

Do you think that organized crime
is involved in the "building trades" in NYC ?

Anonymous said...

We're tired of hearing from our anon/friend
and his empty threats
about overturning the landmarks law.

instead of palavering about it ad nauseum!

We're with you if you do!

Anonymous said...

Now let's see if D.A. Brown
has some time to look into shady "TC"
after his office is finished
throwing the Gallagher case!

Anonymous said...

Glen Cove has become the new mafia turf
where wannabee dons are trying to grab some
old time Long Island cache and mingle with the swells!

Anonymous said...

There should be a restraining order
put on the site barring any entry
until this shady asbestos remediation contractor
is scoped up the ass by the feds!

Everyone knows that the mafia
is heavily vested in this type of business
just like the Gambinos
used to be in the trucking operations
of the garment industry!

Anonymous said...

Photograph and video every operation
that's going down on the site. It's evidence!

It seems to me that from the high vantage point of
the upper floor windows of the surrounding homes,
you can get a clear view over the construction fence!

Set your camcorder on a tripod
and run an extended length tape

I've dealt with the FBI before
and brought them a shit load of surveillance
photos that helped to crack a big case.

Be careful of these "goombahs".
They can play rough.

Make sure that you ALL STICK TOGETHER
and cover each other's asses.

Start with getting an order of protection from "TC"
for their threats. It's not magic but it's a legal tool.

Anonymous said...

I'd report tossing that cross into the mud
to the Human Right Commission PDQ.

It certainly indicates religious bias.

If you're dealing with anyone on a one to one basis
(and there are no witnesses around)
be sure to always carry a micro-cassete recorder .
You can secretly capture the conversation.
Cameras and recorders are the primary
tools of the trade for community activists.

And DON'T return any threats. Call the cops!

Under New York State law ,
one party speaking to another can covertly record
another and it's admissible as evidence in the courts!

YOU MUST use cassettes. Digital recordings once they're transferred to disc etc. are not first hand evidence. It could have been edited.

Good luck and stay sharp!

Anonymous said...

The girl is probably the "goombah's" bimbo.
(A "quickie" in his pick-up can be a kinky rush).

She doesn't look to me like the wifey- typey !

Anonymous said...

What happened to the Israelis?

Did they sub out the dirty work
to their Mediterranean connection
at the tip of the Italian boot?

This is a reverse play.
Capone had a Jewish "accountant"....
Jake Guisick!

CJ said...

Their contempt for us is outrageous.
The destruction of this church will not be the end. They will never build on this sacred site.

Anonymous said...

TC may be filed under a DBA (doing business as)
part of a larger parent corporation,
so it wouldn't be on file at the Secretary of State's office in Albany.

I think that a DBA
has to be researched borough by borough.

Crooks like Tommy Huang
used to pull this kind of crap all the time!

Anonymous said...

Maybe "TC" is tied to Pinky
along with the Israeli "developer".

If he skips on the rape case,
the feds might get him for something bigger!

Maybe Mc Laughlin hasn't finished singing yet!

He must've hit some high "C"
to get that "sweet" plea bargain deal of his.

8 to 10 years with time off for good behavior
might get whittled down to 3 years
in a minimum security club fed resort!

Anonymous said...

did the police come?

georgetheatheist said...

"With an attitude like this, you're sure to be finished this fall, old boy."

Baldeo or Addabbo would have done something?

Mr Angry said...

I just love how this 'abatement work' is taking place after they removed the windows from the building...

georgetheatheist said...

1PM update: the shingles on the front of the church have been ripped off. It looks like a piece-meal demo of the church so far.

Joe said...

Yep !
The new Mafia is straight from Tel-Aviv.
The old timers would have NEVER allowed this shit in Ridgewood, Maspeth, Middle Villiage. You couldnt eve get cement....get your head busted open like a water melon.
That why Rudy and Bloomies goons went after them.
Now we have this new wave of underhanded, currupt scum from overseas taking over.
Most working out of PO Boxes and use the propertys they contract as truck and storage yards.

What POS's the mayor and his clubhouse are ! There has never been such a rape of Queens since Robert Moses

Anonymous said...

I would have gotten out of my car and stuffed that middle finger up his ass!

Queens Crapper said...

Tom was on the corner talking to another neighbor when this happened. They were just chatting. They did not address the contractor or provoke the attack.

Anonymous said...

Newsflash: Serf Maltese's $100,000 is as phony as Gallagher's million. He never sent out an award letter, and trying to get it now leads to "it won't be available until NEXT fall." Why? Because he hasn't requested it in the budget yet! We're on to you, Serf. Start packing up those plaques on your wall. You're through.

Anonymous said...

And since Serf's minions read this blog every day, maybe they can do something about this shady business. (Not holding breath.)

Anonymous said...

So let me get this straight....the contractor just decided to start yelling and cursing at a guy that was talking to his neighbor? Out of nowhere? And started saying Saying "f" this Church and this neighborhood. Hmmmm..... Sorry to be the black sheep here, but I think the friendly old neighbor must have said something to provoke the contractor. Not saying what he did or said was was disgusting, but there was no reason for the contractor to start a fight with someone who was "just talking to his neighbor" I'm thinking that friendly neighbor started badmouthing the contractor and all the work that has been going on at the church and that got the contractor started. It seems that everyones outrage with this issue has their common sense clouded.

Anonymous said...

The ugly slob in the photo is an Israeli or of Arab decent .
...not an Italian or Sicilian.
I wonder if the "real goombas out in Glen Cove north of Morgan Park know what he's doing" (trying to pass himself off as one of their own) they would have a nice visit with him.

I guess they know now !!!

Anonymous said... was a good thing you happened to be there at the right time with your camera. Thats a bit of good luck isnt it, for a ringside seat. Its amazing the photographer didnt get a tongue lashing as well.

Christina Wilkinson said...

No apparently DEP has been down to the site multiple times and this slob assumed that Tom was the one who calls them down there. The whole incident is on tape and it shows what went down, which is as described here. The contractor could have just stayed on the private property. He didn't have to come out to confront Tom.

Anonymous said...

Where's Elizabeth Crowley, Anthony Como and Tom Ognibene? One of them will inherit this fiasco. What have they done to help the community?

Christina Wilkinson said...

We probably have enough at this point in private funds to move the church without Serf's money. We have a big donor and the Sacred Sites Program is also pitching in. But the developer is hell bent on destroying the church and our elected officials couldn't care less. One of them came to our JPCA meeting last week after not showing up for more than 2 years and spoke for 20 minutes without once mentioning St. Saviour's. It's truly disgusting.

Anonymous said...

"The ugly slob in the photo is an Israeli or of Arab decent ."

Not that it matters; I believe this Whitestone boy is Greek.

Anonymous said...

Same old Israelis.If you ever go to any mall, all the kiosks or booths in the middle of the mall are all run by Israelis. they are taking over man.

The Hater said...

Hey I'd nail that chick, BTW.

(HAHAHA! someone had to say it, I bet that guy is going to find out and about read all this... assuming he can get his knuckles off the floor and up to the keyboard...)

Christina Wilkinson said...

I'd like to thank Curbed, Brownstoner and Lost City for getting the message out about what is going on here by linking to this post.

georgetheatheist said...

L'Shana HaBa'ah B'Yerushalayim! - Next year in Jerusalem! -er, make that Maspeth.

Anonymous said...

If the traditional organized crime types are now setted in hamlets like Glen Cove it's no wonder they've ratted one another out like schoolchildren the last several years. Are there any softer Mama's boys in the tri state area than a Long Island guy?

Anonymous said...

What word are they getting out Christina, that a bunch of bigots comment on this site?

Queens Crapper said...

No, that a bunch of foreign bigots are destroying a Queens landmark, doing it while bringing turmoil to the community, and no one at city hall gives a damn. They'll send police to protect the demo crew, though.

Anonymous said...

I hope that tape recording is already in FBI hands!

This whole damn stinking operation sounds like
organized crime is involved!

Wait until they tie Gallagher to it!

If Pinky spills his guts, to the feds,
those Israeli mobsters (?) might spill his !

We hope you enjoy reading all of this
you middle eastern scum !

Start 'em off with a little sandbox in the desert
and those crooks will try to take over your hood
just like they're doing by illegally
colonizing the west bank of the Gaza strip!

Anonymous said...

Don't ever criticize an Israeli, never. That's not allowed in our politically correct society. If you do you are automatically labeled an anti-Semite.

georgetheatheist said...

Sticks and stones
Will break your bones,
But names will never
Harm you.

Anonymous said...

An Italian, an Israeli, an Arab, a Greek....

Does it matter where this contractor comes from? Either way, they are "destroying" this church and the beautiful neighborhood of attached 2 family homes with no yards. That should be your real problem here....not where the contractor or his ancestors are from.

It's a good thing you are all "native" Americans here, right?

Educate yourself said...

"beautiful neighborhood of attached 2 family homes with no yards."

Nice swipe at the neighborhood. Try looking at the homes in the photo of the two men and you will see they are not attached. Most of the homes there have lovely yards, actually, with nice gardens. The only ones that don't are the ones south of the church. Con Ed took their yards back in the 1960s via eminent domain.

Anonymous said...

The United States has been supporting
that little desert sandbox in the middle east
for well over half a century.

In return, its low life ex-patriot "goniffs "
have been taking over
our whole damn playground!

We seem to be constantly exporting their "dreck"
instead of their "mensches" !

1/2 jewish roots said...

Since the dawn of our beginnings,
there hasn't been a religion
that did not believe in respect
for your fellow Man, the existence of
an eternal soul and G-d's ultimate justice.

I caution our Israeli friends
to take great care in incurring the wrath of G-d
by desecrating such a holy site.

On Yom Kippur we beg forgiveness
and atone for our sins against G-d.

As you well know ,
that doesn't let an observant Jew off the hook.
He is REQUIRED to make restitution
to anyone he may have offended during the year.

I would humbly request
that the owner (s) of St. Saviour's
retrieve the cross (a sacred relic)
from the mud into which it was thrown
by his remediation contractors
and present it to the community.

Do not risk spitting in the face G-d
who watches over all of us.

PLEASE allow the church to be moved.
It can't hurt your plan and would be viewed
as a magnanimous gesture by all.

This generous act will serve to forgive
everyone's past transgressions.
(To give tzedekka is a good mitzvak).

Let something good come out of this conflict
which has caused tension and pain on both sides.


Anonymous said...

WTC Contracting's "owner" is:

5 BREWSTER ST. - #237

I unfornately had a similar run in with on of their drivers. Write to John Perotti.

Anonymous said...

What happen with the driver??

Anonymous said...

A different truck with this company name was rumbling and honking at Forest Ave and 68th Road in Ridgewood just now. One of the passengers was yelling and threatening a local deli owner, screaming "Fuck Allah" among other things.

911 was called but the 104th has yet to show 50 minutes later... he is long gone.