Saturday, March 15, 2008

Community based planning law

From Brownstoner:

A new law is going to be introduced to the City Council that may radically alter how planning initiatives like rezonings are undertaken in New York City. The legislation, which is a byproduct of the Municipal Arts Society's longstanding Campaign for Community-Based Planning, will seek to extend the influence of 197-a plans, which are produced by communities in order to influence the shape of things to come in their neighborhoods. "Through extensive public outreach and community deliberation, 197-a plans establish a guide for city agencies to act by articulating a wide range of community priorities," says Planning spokesperson Jennifer Torres. "Throughout the city...197-a plans have resulted in actions that reflect the community’s vision." Be that as it may, in real life 197-a's have zero legislative weight.

Legislation To Boost Community-Based Planning

Adding Teeth to Community-Based Plans

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Anonymous said...

If this rips the golden lining from the pockets
of the NYC real estate/building biz
and their pol/'ll never pass into law !

I wonder just how many
of these well intentioned "INTROS"
have bitten the dust on the City Council
chamber floor !