Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Broadway-Flushing denied landmarking

Read this post and the next and you'll see what a joke the LPC is.

Frustrated residents of verdant Broadway-Flushing blocks are struggling to safeguard the neighborhood's stately homes against redevelopment - but are finding that having a history does not a historic district make.

Broadway-Flushing residents pushing Landmarks Commission to act

The leafy refuge of Tudor, Colonial and Arts and Crafts gems dating from the early 1900s, the area has found a home on both the state and national historic registers.

Yet, for all its historical importance in a borough besieged by overdevelopment and cookie-cutter modern architecture, the city Landmarks Preservation Commission has thus far balked at making Broadway-Flushing a historic district.

Last year, the commission completed a survey of 2,300 residences in Broadway-Flushing, and the results are being evaluated, said agency spokeswoman Lisi de Bourbon.

However, de Bourbon added: "There are no plans for Broadway-Flushing right now."


Anonymous said...

Well, yes, there are still plenty of firehouses and the like - and soon immigrant monuments, so what is the hurry.

The Queens preservation leadership is inept (they are not going to make waves) and the citywide preservtion community will say nothing on how unfair this all is - they are busy expanding their districts.

Anonymous said...

The City and the LPC consider Queens the home for future barracks of the 1 million population explosion they are encoura.. er, expecting. No landmarking for you.


Anonymous said...

Broadway /Flushing is being ignored ....
but we hear that an emergency "calendaring"
by the LPC for a proposed extension of the
Douglaston historic district is expected
any day now !

But isn't that where all those

and pretty damn quick too !

I guess that the BFHA
can look forward to their neighborhood
to become the next red-lined area
to absorb downtown Flushing's
overflowing and burgeoning population!

It's old leadership has been out of touch
for too long and a recent wake up call
may be too late for this once beautiful area!

Anonymous said...

As I understand it,
we're being "pushed" ahead by the LPC into 2009....
or is it 2010....11.....0r 12 for "consideration"
if I'm correct on this !

I and my wife are currently
looking into a large studio condo
in a reasonably priced area of Manhattan
for our retirement years.

steamed-up said...

What R U waiting 4 you lazy LPC f---s ? !!!