Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Bloomberg vs. Spitzer in 2010

Mayor Bloomberg - who just took himself out of the presidential running - handed the state's top Republican a $500,000 campaign contribution last month to keep open the option of running for governor in 2010, GOP sources said yesterday.

Bloomberg was openly encouraged to run by Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno (R-Rensselaer) during their meeting in City Hall Thursday, the day Hizzoner finally flatly declared that he would not try to run for president as an independent candidate, The Post has learned.


Don't expect to hear much talk from the Bloomberg camp about running for governor. The nonstop talk about running for president was a requirement to make Mr. Bloomberg a viable candidate. The concept of Mr. Bloomberg entering the presidential race seemed absurd when the rumors first began two years ago. A coordinated pre-campaign was required to make plausible a campaign that now is not happening. Convincing voters and opinion makers that Mr. Bloomberg is a reasonable gubernatorial candidate with a reasonable chance of winning isn't an issue. Polls at this early date — nearly three years before the election — even show Mr. Bloomberg ahead of Mr. Spitzer. So in terms of running for governor, talk would only hurt Mr. Bloomberg's chances, as it could cause trouble with the current governor.

The mayor does not want any trouble with the governor, and vice versa. From Mr. Bloomberg's perspective, Albany has a say in almost every big idea any mayor wants to pursue. From Mr. Spitzer's perspective, last summer's Troopergate troubles make it imperative to avoid any new high-profile enemies.

Bloomberg: Next Stop, Albany?

Photo from Gothamist


Anonymous said...

Did I miss something here.. didn't he LEAVE THE REPUBLICAN PARTY????

Anonymous said...

I wonder how Shelly feels about this?

georgetheatheist said...

He did leave the Republican Party. Now he's back in? It's Mayor Razzle-Dazzle.

Anonymous said...

He is definatly going to run for Governor.

Anonymous said...

Great- now a whole state can suffer becuase this creep doesn't give a crap what people think, cause he knows better and needs to govern his grand vision of construction and overpopulation down upon us.

FU, Mike.

I vote for none of the above.

Anonymous said...

Mike won't have the power in Albany that he has in NYC, his wings will be clipped by Sheldon Silver.

The democratic caucus will never overthrow Silver because; why would they want to give up their role as a center of power in Albany in favor of being Spitzer or Bloombergs' impotent rubber stamp?

Silver is not going anywhere. He is a younger man than Bloomberg and he eats a healthy kosher diet.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mayor Bloomberg:

You will never get my vote and I will do my best to advocate all citizens in the outer boroughs affected by your Congestion Pricing fiasco to do the same.