Sunday, March 2, 2008

Baby tale gets stranger

Illegal immigration, statutory rape...who thought the baby tale would be so sordid?

Baby's mom found! Livery cab driver arrested in scheme to ditch infant


Anonymous said...

Be honest. As sad as the whole story is, how much is a surprise?

Oh, by the way, this is another example of your tax dollars at work.

Thanks, Moronberg, for making this a sanctuary city!

You're a real compassionate guy, you turtle-faced jackass!

Anonymous said...

Border jumpers come here to propagate like goats and with underage girls of 14. Then they decide what comes out these tequila fueled unions are beautiful babies that get in the way - wow we have to take care if of now? Throw these folks in the pen until their governments pick them up.

Anonymous said...

was arrested early Saturday along with his girlfriend, Maria Siavichay, 21. Sailema's girlfriend is the sister of the baby's father, Carlos Rodas, 27, who allegedly participated in the scheme.

Neighbor who knew Maria Siavichay, 21 in Bronx - recall's her being mildly retarded. Has 2 brothers Luis Savichay 27 & Robert 25. Rodas maybe brother by remarried Mother. Disfunctional family.