Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Accident inevitable, mayor's reaction lame

Brooks of Sheffield also takes Mayor Bloomberg to task for his handling of the crane collapse:

Our City's leader's reaction? Mumblings about how it's tragic, that accidents will happen and construction is a dangerous job. Virtually no intimation that someone, or some department or some system is at fault here. Just lame comments on how investigations are continuing. It's as if Bloomberg were talking about a tornado that ripped through town, not a catastrophe brought on by his heedless advocacy of heedless overdevelopment. This was not a freak accident, as City Hall is characterizing it. It was an inevitability.

How much are construction deaths worth?


Anonymous said...

Mayor Bloomberg must go. He is ruining this city with his congestion pricing tax and his 2030 plan to stuff more people than can fit into NYC.

Anonymous said...

NYC residents are damn tired
of Mayor Bumble-bergs lies, excuses and dismissals.

They're about to rip him and his real estate pals
a new one like a tornado on a rampage through Kansas!