Wednesday, January 16, 2008

An ugly hike on Union Turnpike

Great site! I thought of your site on my weekly walk to Stop & Shop from Glendale.
The northside of Union Tpke between Woodhaven Blvd and Trotting Course Lane is a mess.
I have called 311 and reported it twice in 6 months.
Both times I'm told the property owners have 30 days to respond to the complaint. But I can't figure out if it's the city that owns the area or if its Prime Automotives.
Attached are pictures I took with my cell phone last Tuesday.
Maybe if some of your readers also complain something will be done.


Along with the broken tiny sidewalk along a busy Union Turnpike there
are 2 tires, a shopping cart and an exposed electrical box.


Anonymous said...

At first I said, whats the big deal?

Then it hit me: I see this all the time and have become desensitized.

Go Crappy Go!

If anyone sees stuff like this, send it to Crappy. Then go back and take follow ups. Record you contact with the media / politicians / officials.

Should make for some spirited threads!

Joe said...

Looks exactly like Southern Texas and Arizona where these invader slobs throw the garbage out the windows, dump automobile parts etc. (Just like in there home countrys)
This is the future of all of Queens in 5-10 years.

Anonymous said...

Do you walk along this or get hit by a truck on the road instead?

CntrySigns said...

I filed another complaint and sent this photos to the Times News Weekly, but I'm not hopeful.

CntrySigns said...

Just wanted to give an update that the tires have finally been picked up. More than 30 days after I complained but at least it's something. Thanks to anyone that called to also complain.