Thursday, January 3, 2008

Spitzer's plans for the new year

From NY Observer:

The son of a real estate developer, Eliot Spitzer became governor one year ago this week. Since then, he’s yanked the plug on a large-scale Javits Center expansion; accepted five bids for the West Side rail yards; and negotiated insurance settlements at Ground Zero. What’s next?

Eliot Spitzer, Builder


Anonymous said...

"Has progress come slower than you expected generally with economic development initiatives?
No. Actually, we’re pretty much on track"

Yeah "sic" on track, full spreed to derailment. A most memorable first year of accomplishment - can you think of any? Business as usual. New word for taxes is fees, how orginal. Please, please don't investigate me!

Anonymous said...

Lick spittle Spitzer .....real estate royalty!