Friday, January 11, 2008

SJU plan may go down the tubes

The future of a proposed 485-bed dormitory in Jamaica Estates may rest on an eight-inch sewer line.

St. John’s Dorm Plan May Hinge On Sewers

The controversial six-story project at 172-14 Henley Road has outraged the neighborhood since it was first revealed by the Queens Chronicle in September. Residents say the area can’t handle the additional traffic, congestion and other quality of life issues brought on by such a large project in a residential location.

State Sen. Frank Padavan (R-Bellerose) said on Tuesday that the city’s Department of Environmental Protection is asking the Department of Buildings to issue a stop work order based on an inadequate site (sewer) connection proposal.

According to him, and confirmed by correspondence, the developer was notified by the DEP to amend the proposal and given 10 days. But last Friday, the latest plan submitted didn’t comply and the developer asked for more time. The DOB borough commissioner is studying the issue and determining whether to issue the stop work order.

"This is serious," Padavan said. "They have to be able to tie into the existing sewer system, which is eight inches, and cannot handle such a large project. You can’t cram a size 10 foot in a size 9 shoe. It’s the same thing."

He noted that the city does not have the money to invest in a major capital improvement project in the area to enlarge the sanitary sewer line.

Since when does that stop development?


Anonymous said...

It could not happen to a more deserving group of individuals. Community impact studies exist for a reason! St John's has always had the attitude that they are above the law. They bully the community
because they have Gennaro and the likes of him in their pockets.
I wonder if their benefactors are truly aware of their behind the scenes dealings.

faster340 said...

This won't stop this project. I can almost guarantee that this thing will be built regardless. Once the building has been started they will finish it one way or another and just cram it down Jamaica Estates throats.


Taxpayer said...

How apropos. The president of SJU cleverly lied to residents that St. Johns was not planning to build a dormitory. The Clinton-like lie was that SJU had asked a developer to do the planning.

That lie was premeditated sewage. Now, we find out that the lie won't even fit into the sewer line. That what becomes of a big, fat lie told by a priest.

So, screw the SJU president and the elected officials who were in the developer's pocket.

faster340_go_FU said...

the word is almost
well see who who gets what crammed
down their throats, ass

faster340 said...

Hey if you want to use my name like that and insult me come to my house and talk to my face like that!!!!