Saturday, January 12, 2008

Setback at Atlantic Yards

The judge dismissed the lawsuit brought by DDDB vs. Forest City Ratner yesterday, however, in the spirit that is typically found in real Brooklynites, they will appeal.

Big Loss for Atlantic Yards Foes as Environmental Lawsuit Dismissed

Reactions All Around: Statements on Atlantic Yards Decision

See if you can find evidence of tweeding in the Forest City Ratner and Markowitz statements - I promise, it's there!


Anonymous said...

Markowitz is betting his mayoral aspirations on the Yards. No Yards underway, no Marty in City Hall.

Defeating the Yards would be a lose-lose for Marty and a win-win for the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

In the typical spirit of Queens preservationists they will write a letter to their representative and attend a preservation mixer where they will quietly complain (but not too loud now - we don't want to be called narrow minded - afterall we are working already under the burden as being from Queens)

Then in a gesture of magnimity, they will be given a compromise - perhaps a bush there, a tree here, and of course, the color of the door.

As a reward, they will be on the front page of the local paper beaming grins with reps from the community board and elected officials. A tableau pointing the right way to handle dis-putes.

This is Queens. We ARE family.