Saturday, January 12, 2008

Political correctness in Forest Hills

It seems that Queens Central's Steve and his friend, Jim, who lives 800 miles away, are feeling the heat for a "racially offensive" comment left on one of his latest post. Lots of overly sensitive people are trolling Queens blogs these days. I am happy to report that Steve is showing major cojones and leaving the language up.


Julie said...

I'd laugh like hell if Jim turned out to be black.

Anonymous said...

Go, Steve!

Anonymous said...

Not surprisingly, FH Guy sat this one out. He'll only complain about perceived racism when he sees it on this blog.

Anonymous said...

Many of the Jews
(that's what Jewish people are properly called.
So no anti-Semitism was intended here)
that I grew up with in the Bronx
in the post World War II era.....
fled to Queens in droves during the mid 1950s
as soon as the newly arrived
Puerto Rican immigrants and "colored" people
(that's what African Americans were called then)
moved into their old neighborhoods.

The ones who had money
went to Forest Hills and Jamaica Estates.

Now comes the pointed question.
Does that make the Jews prejudiced
against people of color?

As a group....definitely not.
As individuals......possibly.

I leave your own personal opinions
to yourselves.

Anonymous said...

It's an age in which Bill Clinton ran to that charlatan, Al Sharpton, to kiss his ring because some perceived that his comments about Obama's candidacy were racist. They were nothing of the kind, but perception is reality.

Anonymous said...

What a disgusting double standard. If someone starts rolling out Nazi humor, like Will Smith did, the Jews blast him. I also also didn't see the Jews getting their sense of humor on when Jesse Jackson yelled hymie town.

Anonymous said...

Racist I think not, tasteless and inappropriate, probably.

Anonymous said...

They're even turning on America's first 'black' president!

Anonymous said...

When it relates to the Jewish its discrimination, when it relates to African Americans its oversensitive. It's all about power people.

Anonymous said...

Fight the power - Chuck D

Anonymous said...

The REAL TRUTH is.....
as humans we're all hypocrites
under our sensitive skins
when it comes to looking out
after our own interests.

georgetheatheist said...

One of my favorite treats is gefilte fish with watermelon.

Taxpayer said...

Someday the First Amendment might to amended itself to forbid speech or writing or, even thinking words that might offend some fragile sensitivities.

How that offense will be determined and punished is another story for later.

Until that time, if words offend you, go shit in your hat!

If words offend, return the favor with words of your own. Or, slip into a coma and don't offend the rest of us by describing your sensitivities. We're not at all interested. Certainly I'm not.