Saturday, January 5, 2008

Pole-ish joke

This new building located on Cherry Ave. between Kissena Blvd and Union St sports a new telephone pole located in the middle of the sidewalk.

- Bryan


Anonymous said...

I've got an even better one.

The Q28 westbound bus stop located
on Crocheron Ave. at 164th Street has its sign post
planted right in the middle of the sidewalk also.

If you're in a wheelchair
there's no room to squeeze past it (either left or right)
since it's flanked on both sides by parked cars
and an apartment house fence.

You've got to wheel yourself off the sidewalk .....
go out into the street and then wheel yourself
back on again....if there's room between the cars. Otherwise you have to wheel yourself
up the street to the next corner.

This street sees heavy vehicular traffic.

I'll try to post a photo of this idiot's delight!

Anonymous said...

well....I'm not surprised....with the nlock being torn apart day by day - by all the nice construction workers, given the cold, and the way the construction workers and their trucks take over the street woth parking for them and their delivers, I bet the poor phone company worker got tired of trying to talk to them in english the best he could to explain that he would need certain space to do the job...and just said..hey I'm cold and wanna go home...heres you ....Big H.

Taxpayer said...

How many utility workers does it take to screw a pole into the middle of a sidewalk?

As many as there are city inspectors who never see the idiocy!

Anonymous said...

Notice the two old houses squeezed between the Fedders tenements. I'll give them another year before they bite the dust.

ken said...

the reason for this might actually be a very cool one: to avoid having to cut down any limbs from that large tree, under possible pressure from the building's tenants. Of course they still wound up with the short end of the stick.

ps Can't these lines be installed underground now?