Friday, January 11, 2008

Pinky's pickup line

Wow, just when you thought you'd heard it all about Councilman Dennis Gallagher's bar exploits, something even more sordid gets revealed.

Gallagher propositioned constituents; bragged of using position to secure city job for family member


Anonymous said...

This man is a sociopath and a danger to society. I really hope he is tried, convicted and locked away for a very very long time, possibly until he dies.

Anonymous said...

I doubt Pinky's wife is OK with his pickup line, behavior and current situation. What spouse would be? This guy is charged with a serious criminal offense with sordid details coming out of the woodwork from all directions. Why is he not suspended from the City Council or pushed out by his party to resign already? We need full time representation, we are being royally shafted in so many ways by him.

Taxpayer said...

Brian McLaughlin is likely to be selling this sociopath to the feds.

The next few weeks and months will be quite revealing.

As for the Republican Party and the NY City Council keeping him: These fellow sociopaths are just as bad as the pink turd, so they see nothing unusual, immoral, illegal or reprehensible about this sociopig.

seeyouincourt said...

The Forum West thanks the Crapper for posting the story as our website is still under construction. Reports are coming in from all over our readership area that the Forum West has been taken en mass from various distribution spots. Perhaps someone doesn't want the truth all over the stands. Luckily we anticipated that the call we made for comment to the Councilman's office would illicit a little thuggery so our distributors are restocking through the weekend. so for those of you who took the first batch...there's plenty more where that came from :) and perhaps the paper takers didn't read last weeks issue which documented the arrest of a similar perpetrator in The Forum South, our sister paper, readership zone. He was caught on video tape, arrested and now has an order of protection against him. He is also under scrutiny by the Da's office.

Anonymous said...

Wow what woman could resist a pickup line like that?

Anonymous said...

Especially from a troll like Pinky?

Truman Harris said...

Let the record show that I posted a comment on Gallagher's blog alluding to this article and he refused to post it, yet copied and pasted the article from the JPCA site onto his own and changed the names to those of JPCA leaders. Next thing you know he'll get one of the losers whose organization he funds to write letters to the editor in his defense. What a sick human being. I am so glad he is going to jail and so is the rest of Middle Village.

Free at Last said...

As for the Republican party throwing pinky out its not legally possible, and the city council cannot dump him unless he is convicted of a felony. To answer the question of if his wife approves of what he is doing the answer is a categorical yes. I have seen her in Forest Hills with the same black gentleman on several occasions. I am sure she is glad he is picking up women in bars so she does not have to bear the horror of that rotten toothed pink monster mounting her on occasion. I am sure she is much happier with a Zulu spear than a little pink Irish mushroom cap. Enjoy it, Donna, you deserve it after all the years of abuse by the perilous pinkster.

georgetheatheist said...

Gallagher: "So what are your stories?"
Ginger: "...we both knew exactly what he meant."

Huh? What did he mean? "Stories?"

Gallagher" "Maybe the both of you would like to get together one night."

An invite for a threesome? Lezzie action? Wha-a-a-a?

This transcript is non compos mentis.

BTW, did Gallagher smooth-over his moustache and arch his eyebrows whilst engaging in this tete-a-tete?

Taxpayer said...

Truman Harris referred to Gallagher's sick Blog.

Gallagher sounds like he had his teeny balls just kicked up into his throat.

Squeak! Squeak! He cannot abide any living witness telling her story of his faggoty pickup lines.

I wonder what line he will use with Bubba.

Anonymous said...

"What's your stories" means "are you alone and horny like me".

Anonymous said...

Truman Harris wrote;

"Next thing you know he'll get one of the losers whose organization he funds to write letters to the editor in his defense."

Well, according to some gossip heard along Grand Avenue this week, that organization has folded. Can anyone confirm this belated holiday gift?

Anonymous said...

I actually find the bragging about getting his family members a job with the city more infuriating than his sexual innuendo.

Oldie but goodie said...

It's five o’clock on a Sunday
The regular sleaze shuffles in
There’s a pink man sitting next to me
Getting drunk and thinking ‘bout sin

He says ‘son can you find me a hot granny?
Don’t really care if she’s old
‘Cause I’m pink as beat
And the evening’s complete
When I rip her out of her clothes’

Buy me a drink, I’m the Pinky Man
Buy me a drink tonight
Cause I'm in the mood for a felony
And that granny’s lookin’ alright.

Now Joe is a bumbling detective
Who never had brains or a clue
He’s as dumb as a mouse
And as big as a house
But he’ll dig up some dirt about you.

He says ‘Pinky, I think this is killing me’
As a cannoli was stuffed in his face
‘Well I’m sure that Bob will be councilman…
Once you resign in disgrace’

Now Jake is a stuttering counselor
Who needs to rebuild his sad life
He’s in need of a pal,
So he’s talking with Sal
Since they both got thrown out by the wife.

And the secretary’s shootin’ up heroin
As Mugsy goes out for some coke
Yes, they’re friends of the pink man called Gallagher
And everyone thinks they’re a joke.

Find me a whore, I’m the Pinky Man
Find me a whore tonight
Cause I’m sure in the mood for a felony
And that granny’s lookin’ alright.

It’s a pretty sad crowd for a Sunday night
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They say ‘go get a life’ and ‘go back to your wife’
But the Pinky Man just wants a whore.

And the Pinky Man’s practicing ‘politics’
He doesn’t accept the word ‘no’
‘Cause he sits at the bar
And drives drunk in his car
And it’s back to his office they go.

Now Pinky Man’s facing his 25
But Pinky won’t shoulder the blame
He becomes a big clown
As he goes about town
Saying ‘she wanted me, I was framed’

Buy me a drink, I’m the Pinky Man
Buy me a drink tonight
Cause I'm in the mood for a felony
And that granny’s lookin’ alright.

ken said...

swiping newspapers, that's intense. Sounds like a scene straight out of Mr Smith Goes to Washington. Check the movie out when you get a chance. Really chilling.

verdi said...

the Staviskys did the same damn thing
about 25 years ago.

Stealing newspapers that criticize a politician
is SOP for these SOBs!

They can dish it out......
but they surely can't take it!

Anonymous said...

What is it with these Irish pols......
Mc Laughlin and Gallagher ?

Let's not forget.....
first it was Manton, then Crowley
and all his clubhouse freaks ?

Jesus, Mary and Joseph protect us!

Steve Gee I'm Great said...

great, great song! Please someone record it!

ken said...

attn Verdi:

what was written about them that made the Staviskys hoodwink the newpapers? Just curious.

p.s. Remember that Honeymooners episode where Ralph tries to prevent Alice from seeing something written about him and the Raccoon Lodge by hiding the newspaper. Then when Alice asks him what happened to the paper he says he refused to have it in the house anymore cause they cut the Little Orphan Annie comic strip. :)

Just a bit of levity to break the tension . . .

verdi said...

"Ken".....I don't know exactly.
It happened before I got involved in local stuff.
But the story was conveyed to me
by an old very reliable community leader.

Anonymous said...

So what are you people gonna do when he is not charged? Find something else to fabricate? Its a new year turn a new leaf....let it go...move on...spend your time more constructive.....hey how about getting a life....LMAO

Queens Crapper said...

He's already been charged.

Anonymous said...

Please accept my appologies, I meant acquitted.

See-Mean-Oh-Shit said...

Bloated boy is in the building!

Glendaler said...

FYI: Tanya Blowhard is sharing spit with that lowlife Sal Candelabra. Both are involved with the accused grand-mother fucker, Dennis P. (as in putrid) Gallagher.

Watch for one of those two to be put on the community board.