Friday, January 4, 2008

Parking placards to be yanked

In a sweeping crackdown against an infuriating government abuse, Mayor Bloomberg announced yesterday that he's cutting the number of official parking placards by 20 percent and creating a special NYPD unit to ensure compliance.


Officials estimated that the city issues about 70,000 placards - meaning that 14,000 could be yanked.

Bloomberg ordered every city agency to conduct an inventory of its permits and directed that no new ones be issued as of March 1, except by the Police Department and Department of Transportation.

So many different agencies produce and distribute their own placards now that officials said it's hard to know precisely how many are in circulation.

Even parking privileges for cops at local precincts are subject to the reduction.


Anonymous said...

Well, it's about time.

Frank said...

There are a few cops in my neighborhood who regularly abuse these parking passes, to the detriment of public safety. Hopefully they'll be forced to drive around for 40 minutes looking for parking like the rest of us!

faster340 said...

It's about time. Now maybe I will have a better time at finding a parking spot in my neighborhood now.

Go check out ONeill's restaurant in Maspeth on any Thursday, Friday and weekends. There are cars with the parking passes parked all over the place. On the sidewalk, in the bus stop, blocking peoples driveways etc. etc. It's terrible. I used to live in the building right next to them and on the weekends it was almost impossible to get a parking spot. Now I see them parking these cars with the placards over by my new house. So they are using the valet parking person to park their cars illegally too.


Anonymous said...

live by oneills also there are cars with placards everywher in the bus stop, ifo hydrants and blocking peoples driveways such as my driveway that they always block the best is when the sector car goes by and ignores it all you think oneills would respect the neighborhood that they are in but they can give 2 craps

Anonymous said...

Knowing Bloomberg.....
is he going to try and pull Tony Avella's parking perks just like former speaker Gifford Miller did....
because of Tony's sharp criticism of hizzoner?

Go Tony Go !

Keep on kicking Mayor Disney in his ass!
The people are behind you!

Anonymous said...

A tax-wasting do-nothing squad....
another task farce in the making!

Where's the cops when drug deals are going down?

I see....busy taking their cut of the action!

Anonymous said...

Sure, and after the headlines die down within a few years they will be back up.

Taxpayer said...

Bloomberg is all yak and no sack.

This is just another PR ploy. No placards will be returned. No counterfeits will be found.

Anonymous said...

I agree....It is about time.

Hey Bloomberg.....just give the placards out on a daily basis to those that have to use them for an assignment. You will not need congestion pricing in Manhattan. I guarantee it!

Anonymous said...

There are quite a few folks abusing this here as well, I hope this is addressed for good and not a PR ploy

Anonymous said...

No permits system should be in place at all. No city employee exemptions be permited, fireman and policeman private cars should be parked legally - not double parked, parked on sidewalks or in no parking zones as all residents and visitors are required to do.If I pay $$ to park in a garage or lot to work, live or play then City uniform workers are to do the same. Ever try to do buisness at any City or State bureau and park your car and can't easily do sobecause every spot has an offical placard in the window?

Anonymous said...

Everyone always has negative comments about the police. They are in an underpaid job to begin with. My husband and I live in NE queens and he is a detective in Manhattan. He works rotating shifts and when stuck with O.T. his hours are even more bizarre. He can get out of work sometimes at 3 am and have to be back at 8 am the next day. The only way to get there is by car - really no viable way to take public transportation with all night, weekend, and unpredictable hours. The rest of us work more predictable hours and CAN take public transportation - we don't NEED to drive our cars to work in places like Manhattan. So how do you expect the cops who are serving and protecting YOU to get to work if not in their cars? If you want them to put their cars in a parking garage for $50 a day, at least, then you all need to work on making sure the members of the NYPD get a BIG raise!! Otherwise they will park in areas where allowed with parking placards.

faster340 said...

"Everyone always has negative comments about the police."

We are just talking about parking placards here.

So what's the excuse when they are having burgers and beer at ONeill's?

So what's the excuse for blocking bus stops and driveways and the right of way on streets?

Come on. The placards are for OFFICIAL BUSINESS. No one is saying the police don't have certain rights for stuff like this. Just don't abuse it and inconvenience other residents because you think you have the RIGHT TO DO SO! That's like thinking you are gonna get your donut and cup of coffee for free whenever you walk into a diner with your shiny uniform on.


Frank said...

Mrs. Detective: I worked a job with really crappy shifts where I didn't make a lot of money. Yet I still had to park my car legally or face getting it towed. I don't understand why cops and cop's families seem to think their jobs afford them a certain leeway within the law. If anything they should be punished more for breaking it.

Anonymous said...

Frank, I'm sorry that you are so upset that cops and cop's families feel that cops should get some leeway - but that is the way that it is. It is a hard job where men and women risk their lives everyday to protect and serve you and I and over 8 million other people in NYC.

The starting salary is now so low that the NYPD cannot recruit enough new police officers. Young cadets in the Academy who have families to support are actually on FOOD STAMPS b/c the starting salary is only $26,000 and you can't live in NYC and support a family on that.

Yet the NYPD is still able to make a tremendous impact on our city - look at the huge drop in crime, especially homicides in NYC!!! NYC is the safest big city in this country and that is due in no small part to the police department.

My husband goes to work and works hard so YES I DO feel that the least he can get for this thankless job (thankless mostly due to people who feel the way you and faster340 does)- a parking pass so that he can park somewhere within a few blocks of where he has to turn out for his tour. Not too much to ask.

And yes, I believe members of the FDNY and NYC teachers should be afforded the same small privilege. These are all considered "essential services" for all of us who reside here.

I understand there are always some who abuse these type of privileges, but why judge all of them based on that. My husband NEVER parks his car in bus stops, or at hydrants. They are not supposed to do this and most do not.

BTW, for "anonymous" who commented "Where's the cops when drug deals are going down?
I see....busy taking their cut of the action!" ......FYI, they are out there trying to make neighborhoods safer and for their risks and troubles are vilified by many like yourself who question every action the police take. This results in things like cops being made to take breathalizer tests if they are involved in a shooting, even when THEY are the ones who are SHOT by some drug-dealing skell!!!

How demeaning and disgusting the treatment of cops has become. But we never hear people like you stand up for them for all the good they are doing our city!! We just hear more judgment and vitriol !!!

faster340 said...

Yeah OK.

Let me get my violin. I think I am gonna be sick.

If life is so tough as a cop then get another job that pays more. I can't help that the City of New York is soooo cheap. If I had my way I would pay the cops more because they are worth it.

But DON'T YOU DARE think you are owed something! That's just pure ARROGANCE and the start of corruption!!!!!