Sunday, January 6, 2008

Goodbye, Gowanus?

Goodbye, expressway; hello, greenway.

The notoriously congested Gowanus Expressway in Brooklyn would be demolished and replaced by 4 miles of greenery under a plan being floated by a leading architectural group, the Daily News has learned.

Designs drafted by the American Institute of Architects call for replacing the deteriorating Third Ave. expressway with a glitzy cable suspension roadway on First Ave. and filling the gap with miles of trees and bike paths.

Make Gowanus go away Architects say ax the highway, build a greenway


Anonymous said...

That old gag?

Need we remind everyone about the Big Dig in Boston, which went over a decade behind schedule and cost billions in overruns?

Anonymous said...

I guess the AIA senses development funds have or about to dry up and want to secure and promote public works projects that Rep Nadler seems to continually promote.

Money is better spent cleaning the Gowanus Canal or Newtown Creek. Where is that Newtown Creek Exxon & Philps Dodge cleanup money going to - developer tax breaks in Greenpoint waterfront developer properties?

Anonymous said...

This is the opposite of the Big Dig- it's a Big Skyway!

You want a solution to congestion- drive less!