Thursday, January 10, 2008

Crap on the horizon

If you live on the hill in College Point, this is what your water view will look like. Category 3, anyone?

Meanwhile, Here's a Classic New York Story of No View Being Permanent


Joshua said...

I think that's the racoon-eye's view that seem to have found their way to the new crap development on 5th Ave. I'm also enjoying my view of a nice long green fence where there used to be green trees between College Point Blvd & Lax Av and the waterfront. Too bad their not rebuilding the ferry landing there.

Anonymous said...

Right across from La Guardia ......
a great location for airplane watching
and inhaling jet fumes!

Now that the trees are gone......
there's nothing left to absorb the air pollution
except our lungs!

Anonymous said...

that "office" trailer has been sitting there so long, i've been waiting for some C.P. trash to move in and park a couple of junk cars in the front.

Frank said...

C.P. trash? You're an asshole.

Those developments are disgusting. The vibrations from driving piles into the landfill to build those have been causing damage to nearby homes. My parent's house is one such home. There are large cracks in the foundation and the plaster ceiling in their living room came down because of it.

Interesting historical fact: That was also once a torpedo testing ground. Up until recently folks were finding them there. I wonder how many they came across (and reburied) while building those monstrosities.