Sunday, January 13, 2008

Businesses forced to pay workers

The New Year has started auspiciously for 82 Queens workers.

Labor Dept. gets back pay for 82 workers

After years of being cheated by their employer, the New York State Department of Labor made sure that in 2008 they'll finally get the more than half-million dollars owed to them over a period of six years.

The department, with its new policy of aggressively enforcing labor laws and ensuring that workers - all workers, regardless of immigration status - are treated fairly, is beginning to look like one of those rare government agencies that are really doing their job.

Good for the state for making these businesses pay up even while Mayor Mike promotes the exploitation of desperate immigrants.


Anonymous said...

So if we are paying illegals the legal wage, then explain to me again why we're allowing them to come here? I thought it was because they save us money by working for less.

Anonymous said...

Maybe these same buisnesses realize there will not be labor savings for illegals in certain positions and hang up their towels and hire legal residents instead in the future. Why not get the best instead, right?

Anonymous said...

Its good that Crappie drives home how illegals are getting exploited and taken advantage of by the real estate industry.

They can join the boat with the rest of us.

If they can find a seat.