Wednesday, January 9, 2008

470 days of Astoria crap in mere seconds

Watch the crap pile across the street flower before your very eyes!

Building across the street


Anonymous said...

High Klass....high Mr. Delis ?

Is this to be another "great" contribution
of Hellenic culture to ASS-toria?

Anonymous said...

Community board 1, the community board from hell.

Anonymous said...

Why do these buildings take forever to put up in Astoria?

In the city Trump can put up a 30 story tower in half the time the local talent can put up a six story crap.

Queens Crapper said...

In Queens you are dealing with lightweight developers who raise money as they go (and frequently run out of it), therefore relatively small projects take forever.

Anonymous said...

Lets take the community leadership test:

1. firehouses closed - check
2. schools overcrowded - check
3. streets filthy - check
4. overflowing trash cans - check
5. crowded N train - check
6. hospitals closed - check
7. power grid fried with illegal conversions - check

Seems to me there is plenty of space for new construction.

Maybe this is the attitude that will get me on the community board, and, and!!, and!!!, run for office in Astoria!!

Anonymous said...

All you need now is the woman who soundtracked the guy who youtubed a photo of himself every day for 6 years to write the poignant piano accompaniment.

Anonymous said...

Check out the thread on infamous

Future Crap to be built

solution to community problems:

write to your local elected official. everthing will be ok.

Queens Crapper said...

Write to Gallagher? Wow, why didn't I think of that?

Queens Crapper said...

P.S. you are all welcome to leave links to other sites if you think it furthers the conversation or is a topic that should otherwise warrant attention.

Anonymous said...

They also think we're a bunch of racists for bringing attention to the fact that the exploitation of illegal aliens is part of the reason that areas of Queens now look like shitholes. Living 20 to a room in shifts apparently should not be discussed in the blogosphere. Neither should illegal apartments, inadequate infrastructure, etc. Got it. Now where's my pen, I need to tell Helen Marshall something.

Anonymous said...

keep those cameras rolling so we can see the punk-ass kids that will be spray-painting their shitty tags all over the side of that monsterous filing cabinet...err...building.

Anonymous said...

Now they are insulting Queens Civic Congress on

It you need to hear about what is going on, they suggest you:

1. read the newspapers (you know, like the Ledge)
2. write to your local official (you know, like Gallegher)

Someone help those people!!