Sunday, April 15, 2007

LIC lofty living

Thank you to K.W. for passing along this link to Curbed which explains that living in LIC has become quite cost prohibitive:

$1000 Per Square Foot in the LIC

A two-bedroom, 1102sf apartment in 5SL, Tolls Bros.' Long Island City loftarium, is in contract. Asking price: $1,132,990.

There are more than 300 comments on the subject, which go something like "LIC sucks!" and "No it doesn't!"

Photo from Curbed


LIC Me said...

Yes, I'll pay $1 million to live in one of the most polluted areas in the country. Hold your breath while you work to pay the mortgage.

Anonymous said...

For the same asking price you can get a one bedroom condo in Manhattan. can get more in Queens for your extra bedroom and respiratory problems.

Does this one come with free health screening included over a period of time.... for the residents who get to inhale the discharge from the Keyspan power plants etc.?

Anonymous said...

Just think of that $6 million of taxpayers’ money thrown away for a green way - to paint a stripe for bikes in a never ending construction zone on Vernon.

Just think if Junior Gioia could have spent 10% of that pork for a study to actually help the residents, in Hunters Point and on the waterfront, have a voice in their displacement and their waterfront disenfranchisement

mazeartist said...

Not only polluted, but living one subway stop from Midtown means having to enter a crowded 7 train during rush hours. Fortunate Flushing residents live at the end of the line- always guaranteed a seat on the train.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to bust your bubble Mazeartist. I take the #7 at Main St. There aren't any seats available.....the teaming Orient loads up here ! And God help you if you get in the way of a Korean female running quarterback determined on getting a corner saeat! You could be killed!

In the 1960s you could get a seat....even the mid 70s.....not any more!