Sunday, April 15, 2007

'Off-the-books' are off-the-hook

An economic study set to be released today found widespread illegal practices in New York City’s residential construction industry, estimating that one-fifth of the 82,000 workers who build housing in the city work off the books.

Off-the-Book Construction Jobs Soar in City, Study Shows

Industry experts say the number of residential construction workers employed off the books has soared because the industry needs so many workers, because so many illegal immigrants are eager to take construction jobs and because unions have made few inroads in organizing workers in residential construction.

The report said that employers that hire people off the books also often cut corners on safety, contributing to the increase in construction deaths.

Meanwhile, the NY Times reports that Tax Returns Rise for Immigrants in U.S. Illegally

The increase in filings comes amid talk of an immigration overhaul, with some proposals introduced in Congress linking amnesty to the payment of taxes. Many illegal immigrants showing up at tax preparation offices around the country say they hope that filing a return will create a paper trail that could lead to citizenship one day.

Photo from NY Times via Brownstoner


Anonymous said...

Gee, where are all these groups that are out there helping the immigrant?

They go ballistic if someone complains about day laborers congregating on the corner, of it someone is a bit slow at fawning praise on how a gushing wave of immigrants have turned our loser lives around, but one word about immigrant DEATHS from being exploited?

A small price to play in the planting and watering of a new community.

Anonymous said...

I counted over 40 day workers on Northern Blvd. this past Saturday between 161 & 159th Streets looking for jobs!

Off the books = off the tax rolls!

Guess who's making up the and me!

Taxpayer said...

All you little People: Thank Bloomberg for his compassion in making NYC a "Sanctuary" city.

A sanctuary for low-wage, dangerous jobs for all. Citizen and illegal alike.

Sanctuary for predator employers who require that citizens and illegals compete to work at the lowest wage, so the predator makes the maximum profit.

Sanctuary for equally predator politicians who feed at the trough of corruption to permit the destruction of jobs, neighborhoods and families.

The only survivors of this sanctuary will be the predators.

Unless you put a stop to them.

Unless you and your family prefer to live in the city dumps looking for useful scraps.

Anonymous said...

Damn this is a kick ass website!