Wednesday, April 11, 2007

A crappy mother

DOB records list this house at 86-15 232nd Street as a one-family house.

However, photos on the Foxton's website show that there are 2 beds in the basement, and the floor plans on the site show a full kitchen and bathroom also at ground level.

"This delightful four bedroom Colonial offers four floors of warm and cozy living spaces with a possible mother/daughter...The ground floor includes a kitchenette, a full bathroom and two finished rooms that has mother/daughter potential."

Using the term "mother-daughter" in real estate advertising is illegal in New York.

View the full listing here: 232nd Street, Bellerose, Queens, NY

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Don't play with fire said...

Good luck getting out of a basement like this in a fast moving fire.

Those who think we should turn a blind eye to illegal apartments should keep this in mind.

rob said...

For anyone that isn't aware, "mother/daughter" is not a legal term in NYC. It's used by homeowners and real estate agents to imply a two-family setup.

This house on 232 St is a legal one-family, and although it's in an area that is zoned for two-families, the use of the cellar (excuse me, "ground-level") for sleeping space is definitely prohibited. Look at those tiny windows!

Anonymous said...

They don't even try to hide this anymore. Right out in the open.

Anonymous said...

FYI........a mother daughter certificate of occupancy does not legally pass to another owner at the time of sale of that home!