Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Corona crap trio

You know what's really interesting? This row of Queens Crap at 108-17, 108-19 and 108-21 43rd Avenue in Corona was built sometime within the past few years, but there are no new building permits for the houses on DOB's website. We're trying to figure out what's going on at 17 since the balcony contains a door to the second floor of 19. We hope it's not meant to be an alternate means of escape in case of fire because there's a mattress blocking the way...


rob said...

Is that a ladder on the third floor balcony of 19 going up to the roof of 17?

Interesting, indeed!

Anonymous said...

Oh, gee, where is that umbrella church sponsored local group that always features sad-eyed immigrants from Corona that want to build thousands of units in western Queens on the mantra of 'affordable housing?'

"Queens Congregations United for Action" That’s it.

This is in plain sight. Where is their anger? Or do they exist not to help immigrants find affordable housing, but just be another tiresome pro-development voice that is calibrated to get a lot of newspaper coverage.

Anonymous said...

That door on the balcony looks like a Tommy Huang cost cutting solution....doesn't it?

Who the hell built these?