Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Some BS from CPC

NY Post

April 10, 2007 -- The City Planning Commission voted unanimously yesterday to place no restrictions on the future use of four shuttered firehouses, paving the way for them to be turned into homes, cultural or nonprofit spaces, or even fire-safety training centers.

Holds have been placed for the city's Department of Housing Preservation and Development for the Queens and Brooklyn houses, and the Economic Development Corp. has a hold on the Harlem firehouse.

"As long as these properties are subject to the hold, they will not be auctioned for sale," commission Chairwoman Amanda Burden said yesterday.

Several steering committees have been examining the potential use of each building. The members include local lawmakers, borough presidents and community-board members.

This is pure BS.

Few years back the city sold air rights from the firehouse at 48th/8th to an adjacent site, which in combination with assembling other nearby sites and a theater-rehab bonus, resulted in a huge bulk increase being applied to all ten assembled lots, and which resulted in a 53-story tower (the one we call Quinn Tower).

See Quinn Tower Rising

That was where we caught Quinn lying about taking money from the developer's lobbyist a short time before she sold out on the community opposition and failed to tell community members at so-called negotiations that she had taken money from the people she was "negotiating" with. I confronted her about taking the money. She
denied it to my face. I said it's a matter of record, then she admitted it, but said it was "long before" the negotiating sessions. It was only a few months.

Also involved with the deception were Duane and Gottfried staff members.

So the firehouses could pose potential dangers for the affected communities, involving air rights and community facility bonuses.

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Anonymous said...

That is so cool. Add a million people and sell the firehouses, and close the hospitals.

I bet the summer homes for the politicians don't have these problems.