Monday, January 1, 2007

Wave of Development, Cleared for Takeoff

According to geniuses quoted in today's NY Times, there is a "lull in the nearly half-century backlash against the bulldozer diplomacy of Robert Moses," and "the projects that are being approved are more sensitive to the current communities and neighborhoods or to creating new ones — like the new Downtown Brooklyn — than Moses ever was." The article doesn't bother to ask anyone opposed to what the city is doing...

Wave of Development, Cleared for Takeoff


Anonymous said...

Just because they say its so doesn't make it so.

Another reason the newspapers are losing readership to the blogs.

They just don't print facts anymore.

verdi said...

Ruppert Murdoch (media tycoon) just bought the Times Ledger chain of newspapers in Queens! You really think that the "little guy" is going to still have "freedom of expression" now? The only published "letters-to-the-editor" or news articles that you're going to be finding, in great number, are the ones that agree with the publisher's platforms! Remember, a newwspaper's main purpose is to generate money via advertising revenue for its owner! Also, judging from the caliber of most of those "lazy reporters" (who often expect the one who's being interviewed to do their homework for them) don't expect much in the way of "depth" in the final column!........VERDI