Saturday, January 6, 2007

Flushing Away Good Taste

Verdi again:
The 2 views of the house with the ballustrade... This "beauty" is on the east side of 165th Street, between 33rd & 35th Avenues is a fine example of "re-muddling" a simple house. This wanna-be "Palazzo-Stu-Cazzo" (Italian translation?.... Sorry it's too obscene!). You get the picture!
Part of the "impressive" ballustrade was demolished by a falling curb tree. The neighbors are hoping that the owner removes the rest of it!


Anonymous said...

A nice modest house + butt-ugly stucco + a railing stolen from venetian palace = royal piece of crap.

I imagine this house once looked nice. How sad.

Anonymous said...

This "royal-piece-o-crap" deserves the "Royal Flush" after all it is located in "Flush-Town". Some of the locals are considering a blog column to be called: "Flushing Down The Toilet"!