Monday, January 8, 2007

Brooklyn Battles

Bravo, Mimi Chung and Christopher Grimaldi for not taking the crap being erected next to their home in Brooklyn lying down! They set up a website to chronicle their nightmare. The New York Post did a story about it today entitled, "Bad Neighbor Policy." Their website is The developer is threatening a lawsuit against them for exposing the truth. Don't back down, guys! The internet is definitely the way to go to tell your story. Lord knows the Department of Buildings and local electeds dont give a damn! (Photo from

Also in Brooklyn, the Daily News reports that the Bay Ridge Community Board has voted overwhelmingly in favor of eliminating a special loophole that puts backyard additions on the fast track.


verdi said...
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verdi said...

Is this Brooklyn builder related to Tommy Huang, that infamous convicted felon, from our borough? He seems to be operating with a similar M.O.

Anonymous said...

This kind of situation would not be permitted to occur in the more up-scale Brooklyn Heights neighborhood! This wouldn't be happening in Forest Hills Gardens either, for that matter! The wealthier the area, the more "juice" that they have!