Saturday, August 11, 2018

City's biggest sinkhole?

From PIX11:

Rene Rodriguez says he was dumbfounded but not surprised, when he saw a massive sinkhole open up outside his home on Manhattan Avenue near 101st Street on the Upper West Side Tuesday morning.

It’s a sinkhole he and many residents who live in the area have complained to the city about since 2013.

“It just got bigger and bigger and they would fill it up with asphalt, asphalt and more asphalt and yesterday it finally gave in,” Rodriguez told PIX11 News.

After calling 311, both ConEdison and the Department of Environmental Protection arrived to the scene. Workers assessed the damage, put up a few cones and then, according to Rodriguez, left.

“It’s what, Wednesday the eighth, 2 o’clock in the afternoon and the sinkhole is still here,” he said. “If it was Fifth Avenue or Park Avenue this matter would’ve been settled already.”

The sinkhole measures roughly 15 by 7 feet in size, and nearly 4 feet in depth, consuming an entire side of Manhattan Avenue.

The crater makes it almost impossible for traffic to get through, but it isn’t stopping some drivers from trying.


Anonymous said...

Too bad some politician wasn't swallowed up by it!

JQ LLC said...

What a fucking disgrace. Shouldn't vision zero apply to keep the streets intact? Nothing more dangerous than a massive hole in the middle of the road. Unacceptable

So the city's initial solution to fixing it was to pour more asphalt, and a garbage can and some wooden 2 by 4's. That guy is 100% right, if it was Park or 5th ave, or even Metropolitan or Grand st. in Williamsbitch, that thing would have been fixed on the spot. But since it's on overlooked Manhattan ave., an area somehow gloss over by the gentrification industrial complex, the crater remains. Another heinous example or the city's inequitable dispatching of infrastructure maintenance.

Actually, a great example is the massive presence of contractors where the steampipe exploded at the Flatiron district. And that area is still a mess.

KG2V said...

Don't know why ConEd is blamed on this one. Sinkholes mean the dirt is going somewhere. OK, could in theory go into the Subway (hahahaha) or something similar, but 99% of the time, it is a sewer, and the dirt is getting washed away. This will be a DEP job, and the street is going to be closed for a long time. They are going to have to excavate the site, replace the sewer main, Interestingly, if it is the fault of the building HOOKED to the main, vs the main, it'll be THEIR problem

Anonymous said...

Andrew Ramos is not the best talent but i like the fact that channel 11 is focusing on these mostly ignored quality of life issues. Please bring bloomberg back. This city is drowning under Dibozzo.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm....big enough to swallow up Moby Stavisky? LOL!💩💩💩💩💩Shady crap!

Anonymous said...

"What a fucking disgrace. Shouldn't vision zero apply to keep the streets intact? Nothing more dangerous than a massive hole in the middle of the road. Unacceptable"

I'm sure DuhBlasio will find a way to blame the traffic running over it for causing the damage.

Anonymous said...

The perfect metaphor for NYC under Mayor Fugazio.

Anonymous said...

> Shouldn't vision zero apply to keep the streets intact?

The point of vision zero isn't to keep people safe, it's to force people to stop driving. This meshes perfectly.