Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Savvy squatter rents out pad on AirBnB

From the NY Post:

First she got herself adopted by a dying old man to hang onto his rent-controlled flat — and now she’s turned it into a hotel.

Maria DeTommaso not only refuses to vacate the two-bedroom apartment in Long Island City, Queens — for which she has no lease — but she’s advertising for paying guests through Airbnb.

“She can’t rent rooms. This is not a rooming house,” said Sugrim Outar, the landlord who has been fighting to evict DeTommaso since her adoptive dad, Nicholas DeTommaso, died in 2009.

Maria DeTommaso was 58 when she was adopted weeks before the death of Nicholas, a senile 85-year-old who paid $100 a month as the legal occupant.

The state ruled in 2013 that she was not entitled to the rent-controlled apartment, but she has fought to keep it.


Anonymous said...

Nightmare tenant... Hope he sues her after he gets her tossed out for the back 100K she owes him, and at least gets some wage garnishment out of it. You've gotta make it hurt for people who are mostly judgment proof in order to stop this kind of predation.

Anonymous said...

The tenant has had an adverse ruling for over two years and she's still there. Utter nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Nicholas DeTommaso was in the right place at the right time on March 1, 1943.

The entitlement lives on after him, and it will live on after Maria DeTommaso (or is it Pamela Becker?) becomes senile and it is handed over to her "adopted child". It is perpetual.

Anonymous said...

Heaven forbid...what happens if there is a loss of property or life?
Who is liable for what? Renter's insurance becomes null and void if you are running a business by renting out your apartment.
Ever think about that? You could be sued by at least two parties and, maybe, wind up in jail.
IRS might wind up on your ass for unreported income.

Anonymous said...

I love the way our housing courts let both nightmare tenants and nightmare landlords to get away with it for years.

JQ said...

This is one evil and vile woman (evile?). And another case of the racketeering startup Airbnb not properly vetting their applicants and neglecting to keep track of any illicit behavior or in this case immoral behavior, probably willfully neglecting.
I am surprised that there isn't an age limit in getting adopted. Our when it feels like dutiful city council better start writing some legislation to curb future scoundrels like Ms. Parker.

These are the new hustlers in NYC, and the artists too it seems. Makes me yearn for the shell games and 3 card monty.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Only in New York. In Texas, her ass (and stuff) would be at the curb in a matter of hours. Assisted and motivated by the presence of local law enforcement. Have a nice day!