Saturday, August 8, 2015

Man beaten over cell phone at FMCP

From CBS New York:

Police in Queens were looking Thursday for a group of men who viciously beat a man with a bat just to steal his cellphone.

As CBS2’s Hazel Sanchez reported, Jorge Huerta was left with 20 stitches in his head, two broken ribs, and bruises all over his body following the attack this past Sunday night.

Huerta, 21, was convinced that the attack would leave him dead.

“I was leaving the park after playing soccer,” Huerta said in Spanish.

The attack happened around 9:30 p.m. Huerta said he had just finished playing soccer with his friends inside Flushing Meadows-Corona Park, and was walking home when six to eight men jumped him — still in the park near 49th Avenue and 111th Street.

He said at least one man was beating him with a bat, and the blows to his head left him unconscious. When he awoke, he realized the attackers had taken off with his LG smartphone.


Anonymous said...

What park did this happen in?
Oh yeah, Flushing Meadows Corona.

Corona resident said...

It's not too smart to flash a smartphone around....especially in vibrant diverse FMCP after dark.
That is an extremely dangerous spot. Rapes , muggings, name a park highlight.
That's why I shun attending Theater In The Dark. If I want to be attacked by a phantom , I prefer the Phantom
In a Broadway theater. A lot safer and more entertaining.
Queens sucks! Especially FMCP. I have never had a restful experience there without having to maintain a state of high alert.

Molan Labe said...

We need to have a new law!
I am sure this would NOT have happened if we just license and register these EVIL bats, and hammers.
Thankfully the guy who lost his phone didn't have a gun to protect himself, it would have been a shame if the guy with the bat got hurt or killed.

Anonymous said...

How do you say they stole my Obama phone in Spanish?

Anonymous said...

Huerta said in Spanish, look I know this is getting old but is Anyone in queens here legally, 20 and only speaks Spanish
Malisa Mark Vivorito needs to pass a law that says rob,mug or assault a non Citizen will be charged with a hate crime
If Americans don't stop robbing these people their going to stop comming here,ow wait,did I just say that?

Anonymous said...

So you took a beating to hold onto a smart phone? Just let it go.