Friday, September 11, 2020

de Blasios DHS kicks out homeless people from a hotel to move in homeless people kicked out of another hotel

PIX News 

  In response to neighbors' complaints, Mayor Bill de Blasio's administration vowed to move hundreds of homeless men out of an Upper West Side hotel to a shelter just south of the Empire State Building, but that shelter is currently full of adult families, many with disabilities.

The city not only neglected to tell the families that they were forcing them to move, it also didn't tell them that they were being transferred out immediately, without time to even pack all of their belongings. The Legal Aid Society is now launching a lawsuit.

The city on Wednesday morning formally announced that it was moving 300 men out of the Lucerne Hotel in one of the city's wealthiest neighborhoods. By Wednesday afternoon, residents of the Harmonia Shelter, on East 31st Street in Midtown, still didn't know that the de Blasio administration had decided to relocate them to make way for the men displaced from the Lucerne.
Maria Lopez has lived at the Harmonia for two years.

"Why are you going to take out families that are doing something positive," she said, "and bring something that's negative? And make it some men's shelter, that don't make no sense."

 NY Post

With little warning, City Hall moved more than a hundred disabled New Yorkers out of their Midtown shelter to make way for the homeless who were booted by Mayor Bill de Blasio from an Upper West Side hotel.

Frustrated and fearful residents of the Harmonia, a former hotel located on East 31st Street, lined the streets with their belongings Thursday as they awaited their sudden transfer to other shelters in the Big Apple’s sprawling system — with some saying they are being moved to Brooklyn and Queens.

“We’ve been living here for two years. We’ve accumulated so much stuff and they want to just bring one bag. I feel mad,” said Moises Oliveras, 44, who suffers from a host of medical issues and lived at the shelter with his wife, Maria.

“They use us like chess pieces. Moving us around like that.”

The Oliverases only found out Wednesday that they were being moved, just a day after City Hall quietly acknowledged its decision to stop housing the homeless in the Lucerne Hotel.

“We’re human beings, man. And they treated us like garbage,” Oliveras added.
An undated fact sheet posted online reports that more than 170 families call the Harmonia home, though it’s unclear how many lived in the facility as of Thursday. The Post observed dozens of residents standing outside near the facility preparing to move.

“It’s unfair. It’s last notice. Everyone is running around. We were just told this yesterday,” said Lisa Feliciano, 49, a childcare provider who has lived at the shelter for eight months with her daughter.

The Mayor's office and the Department of Homeless Services refused to respond about these transfers

de Blasio clearly doesn't have a soul.


Anonymous said...

Joe Biden:"C'MON MAN" those are my voters !

Anonymous said...

Some of those folks should live in Gracie Mansion so that they can get a little taste of the good life. And then maybe the greatest mayor NYC has ever had (lol!) will finally get to mingle with some of the common folk whose lives he's done "so much" to improve.

Anonymous said...

If NYC is “systemically racist”, why didn’t DeBozo and his boss McCray identify or address it in their 6+ years in office ?

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Moe said...
Most Americans aren’t affected by riots. Most Americans won’t be threatened by COVID.
All Americans are affected by the economy stupid !

Anonymous said...

Amazing how Queens complains for years about endless shelters being opened in our residential neighborhoods, and nothing happens, but the yuppies on the Upper West Side finally get a taste of the policies they voted for, and within a month, their single homeless shelter is removed.

Astounding how 'bad' homeless who cause fights, abuse drugs, hassle women, rob folks, and trash the neighborhood are being treated better than 'good' homeless who aren't bothering anyone and just trying to stay warm and dry like the rest of us.

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Spot on!

Miss McGillicuddy said...

Lede should be capitalized and punctuated: "DeBlasio's..."

Anonymous said...

The Yuppies didn't see it coming; too busy rioting all over NYC and America. Love it or leave it! DeBlasio is your man.